Cyndi TsengFounder of Hidden Taipei

Cyndi Tseng has been working in the software industry for years and she is also the founder of Hidden Taipei, a public communication program run by Homeless Taiwan Association. Inspired by Unseen Tours in London, Hidden Taipei allows participants to see the city through the eyes of the homeless tour guides. Hidden Taipei has also developed various activities such as The Living Library, Strive for Life (a live-action role-play street game) and the Lecture on the Street (Educational materials for teenagers to understand homelessness), all aiming to promote a deeper understanding of the homeless issue among the general public.

在軟體業工作多年。在一次倫敦旅行的親身感動之後,人生突然轉了個彎,回台發起「街遊 Hidden Taipei」計畫,與芒草心的夥伴們一起推動街遊專案,透過無家者導覽體驗、講座、街頭遊戲等方式進行社會溝通。


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