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Encounters with Homeless People - Rediscover One’s Value as a “Human”

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It all begins from a trip to Europe after life was derailed. 

On November 12th, we are pleased to invite Cyndi TSENG to share her experiences about how she found her life vocation along the way.

She is the founder of Hidden Taipei (街遊), a public communication program run by Homeless Taiwan Association.

Never thought that she would end up on the street, Wǎn guǒ (碗粿) was a  one of the few female homeless.

Why was her life derailed? How did she find her strength to get back on track ? She will share her story and please get ready to walk a mile in her shoes.



11月12日,我們邀請到街遊 Hidden Taipei 創辦人曾文勤來分享她人生經驗,一場旅行將如何改變她對無家者的觀感,如何與芒草心的夥伴們一同努力,在過程中找到人生的志業。



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