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Tremendous achievements for Lycée International Français de Taipei during the past few weeks, we can’t wait to share it with you!

The Association for French Education and European Culture in Taiwan (AF2ECT), gathering parents at the forefront of the project, concluded an agreement with the school network Odyssey International, to dedicate all the financial, human and pedagogical means necessary to the success of LIFT.

LIFT will therefore be funded and managed by Odyssey International, a French school network specialized in designing and managing French educational institutions worldwide.


Odyssey school network has been founded by three professionals devoted to promotion of French teaching abroad: Luc CHATEL (President), Jonathan DERAI et Younès SLAOUI (Managing directors).

Odyssey’s three founding-leaders share a common vision of education and entrepreneurship in the educational sphere structured around following key principles:

- Engaging long-term financial commitment to sustain projects;

- Striving for educational excellence;

- Promoting innovativeness and creativity;

- Supporting all talents.

As of now, the Odyssey network gather schools for which the combination of the French academic excellence and dynamism of international schools is at the heart of the educative approach. This alliance of the “best of both worlds” create a unique teaching offer for families of all citizenships, preparing students for the best higher education institutions in the world.

Benefiting from the support of the French government, Odyssey acts within the framework of the principles governing French teaching abroad and is currently in talks to set-up a network agreement with AEFE to bring the partnership beyond AEFE’s accreditation of Odyssey schools and formalize the institutional recognition of Odyssey.

To know more about Odyssey, download our introduction.

Bringing Odyssey International into the project does not mean the end of the engagement of the parents in the design and the management of a project that will always put the educating community at the core of the governance of the school.


On the contrary, Stéphanie Froissart, President of the Association for French Education and European Culture in Taiwan, tell you in this letter how this transition will be implemented and why WE NEED YOU to build the future parents association UPLIFT (United Parents of LIFT).

Read the letter from Stéphanie Froissart, Chairwoman of AF2ECT.

We are finally happy to welcome onboard Thomas Chaumont as project manager and future CEO of LIFT, who will be at our sides to exchange and build with all of you the future French school of your children in Taipei and let you know about his vision for LIFT in this letter:

Read the letter from Thomas Chaumont, project manager / CEO of LIFT.

Work continues on several fronts: pedagogy, premises, recruitment of the teams. We will get back to you very soon with notably a new website, our pricing policy and the future localization of LIFT.

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