MOF Pâtissier 2004 and Chocolatier Guest Chef at Pasadena









Pioneer in French bakery and gastronomy in southern Taiwan, PASADENA INTERNATIONAL GROUP has the great pleasure and honor to welcome Franck FRESSON, MOF Pâtissier 2004 & Chocolatier (Best pastry craftsman of France, 2004).

Franck FRESSON is the fourth generation of a « dessert » family who devotes his entire life for French desserts. He’s now member of jury for the MOF Pastry competition. Please join us for its exclusive and exquisite events to meet Franck FRESSON in Kaohsiung or in Tainan. A unique opportunity to taste fresh & sweet breathe from France with the most delicious French desserts from the inspiration of Franck FRESSON. 

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 In Kaohsiung, the event will take place at:

Restaurant name: 帕莎蒂娜法式餐廳

Address: 高雄市三民區河堤路298號

Telephone: 07-341-1256 


In Tainan, the event will take place at:

Restaurant name: 帕莎蒂娜臺南市長官邸餐廳

Address: 臺南市中西區南門路239號

Telephone: 06-213-6039 


Only RSVP - Limited seats -Looking forward to seeing you at PASADENA. 


 Guest Chef Franck FRESSON 名.廚.客.座.登.場

邀請法國MOF最佳工藝甜點主廚(MOF Pâtissier 2004)兼巧克力師Chef Franck FRESSON9/6~9/9 帶來法國最頂級的法式甜點 ❧席位有限,請即早預訂,以免向隅!

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地址: 高雄市三民區河堤路298號

洽詢: 07-341-1256



地址: 臺南市中西區南門路239號

洽詢: 06-213-6039

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