Eatsmart: Finalist in the Dragons' Chamber Taiwan competition

On 30th October 2017, Eatsmart qualified for the final of the Entrepreneurs' Competition, Dragons' Chamber, that will be held on 18th November at Meet-up Taipei.

Eatsmart was created when two French entrepreneurs, Yann and Pierre, joined their expertise in IT systems and the food industry respectively. The start-up meets the high demand of those who are living in Taiwan but struggle to find healthy food here. Eatsmart creates and delivers healthy, tasty meals to individuals or businesses all around the country. Their company's goal is to help people switch to a healthier lifestyle.

Eatsmart is one of the few companies worldwide which has developed its own IT platform, which not only enables them to provide their healthy meals all around the country but also enables them to optimize Sales and Operations and offer scalability to investors.

Eatsmart currently offers three different programs to help people eat more healthily, lose weight or gain muscle mass. In addition, since Eatsmart considers their customers' needs extremely important, they can also create additional diet programs in order to meet their customers' specific requirements.

Let's wish them the best of luck!

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