Debuyer - The Tube


We equip Chefs & Gourmets amateurs since 1830.

190 years Anniversary!

A  time we've started manufacturing our first iron pans, in Val d'Ajol, France,  where we still are today.

A wide range of professional, durable and precise moulds, rings, dispensers, trays, baking mats...for Chefs & keen amateurs

Product: Le Tube With 2 Nozzles & 13 Disques For Cookies An

The patented semi-automatic pouring device developed by de Buyer helps to control the quantity of filling poured with the knob. Using the TUBE is like a walk in a park, you will not need traditional piping bag anymore. Whether you are a novice or a professional you will easily take control of it and with the possibility to store your mixture inside the cylinder you will not waste anything anymore!

*Until October 30th, a surprise discount is waiting for you when you check out by typing the coupon: GALA *


-> Video about how you can use the Tube + Giveaway on Instagram (Metropolitain France only):

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