CLUB MED – Part 2

CCIFT Investigation - CLUB MED Part 2

In this video, learn more about CLUB MED, with Julian KANG, the Coordinator of Meeting & Events and Angela FAN, the Marketing & PR Executive.

CLUB MED is a global well-known all-inclusive vacations packages provider.

In this second part of ‘CCIFT Investigation’ dedicated to CLUB MED, you will learn more about the company and job experience with Julian KANG, the Coordinator of Meeting & Events and Angela FAN, the Marketing & PR Executive.

One more video about CLUB MED will be released in the coming days to have more information about the company from the Marketing Manager and employees point of view. Stay tuned!

(English subtitles are available on the video)

本期將介紹的優質法國工商會會員聞名全球支全包式精緻旅遊提供商 – ClubMed


Watch the video of CCIFT Investigation - CLUB MED Part 2



Rita: What is the most valuable experience you gain after you worked for Club Med ? 

Julian: Meeting different people from different countries is the best thing I have never had. By meeting different people and making friends with them, they treat me like a friend and giving me so much advice from their life experience no matter related to life or career development. As a GO, I can meet people from various background and ages. This is not possible if I work as a normal nine-to-fiver in Taiwan. In short, it's so helpful for my life.     

Rita: Lastly I'd like you to share some words to those who are interested in working for Club Med. 

Julian: Many people think English ability would be the first request to work overseas but I think the most important thing is you need to take the first step with your strength. In Club Med, English proficiency shouldn’t be the reason or limitation to stop you to work for us. From my experience your English proficiency will improve a lot when you immerse yourself into the environment and the working place is so safe and comfortable. Then why not give yourself a chance to explore the world for a different work experience. 

Rita: Thank you for having the interview with us. 


Rita: There are lots of young talents are interested in Club Med and curious to know about yours job opportunities. Would you like to share some words and advices to these young people who want to join in Club Med?

Angela:  We offer plenty jobs overseas, so if you want to work and travel at the same time, choosing Club Med is a great choice. Our GO will have chances to rotate the work places every 6 months or every year. For example, if I saw a GO in A resort but next time I might see the same GO in B resort. Therefore, it’s terrific to challenge yourself while you are young and at the same time meeting people all around the world to rich your life.

Rita: Thank you for being with us today and providing such abundant input. It’s valuable information to the young talents who is looking for joining in Club Med. Thank you again.

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