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''RESPONSIB'ALL DAY GREEN UP'' with Pernod Ricard

Celebrating Global Volunteer Day with Pernod Ricard Taiwan on June 20th, the French Chamber Taiwan was delighted to join Pernod Ricard for the annual Global Volunteer Day, "Responsib All Day Gree Up." Organized by GoodPointChange and supported by partners from the Ministry of Agriculture's Forestry and Conservation Agency in Yilan, we took part in a meaningful tree planting activity.

The day was packed with fulfilling activities, starting with tree planting at the Nan'ao Citizens' Forest and a visit to the Chaoyang Community, bitter tea garden & 茶籽堂 ChaTzuTang was in full harvest. Pernod Ricard generously sponsored 500 trees, and together, we planted #75 bitterwood saplings. We look forward to seeing them grow and contribute to the environmental protection of our coastline.

Pernod Ricard Taiwan exemplifies how a corporate entity can use and give back to society and the environmenttransforming into a happy enterprise that cares for its employees and leads the company in sustainable practices. Managing Director Terence Ong leads by example, actively hashtag#participating in efforts to protect the environment and support the community and elderly.

Thank you, Terence and Pernod Ricard, for enabling us to do more and better together. 🌱💚

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