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Regent Taipei Launches Five-Star Gourmet Delivery Service Providing a Convenient & Safe Gourmet Dining Experience at Home!

In the midst of a pandemic, consumer’s demand for take-out and delivery has prominently increased. Regent Taipei is dedicated to our guests and their families’ wellbeing and health. Starting today, Five Star Gourmet Delivery Service will be available with a greater selection of take-out delicacies jointly designed by Chinese and Western executive chefs from a price ranging from $220 NTD to $15,800 NTD. Drive-through service is also available at customers' convenience with the pickup counter located on the side entrance’s sidewalk of Regent Taipei (Lane 39). Providing nutritious and savory gourmet selection at your home for your convenience! Enjoy a 15% discount on self pick-up orders and free delivery service (within 3 kilometers) for orders over $2,000 NTD.


The Five Star Gourmet Delivery Service includes the Mother’s Healthy & Home Cooked Dishes with fish head casserole, braised pork knuckle, and other stewed and braised dishes perfect for sharing within small families. The Homemade Nourishment Soup, which includes almond and lotus root soup, chicken soup with ginseng, and many more nourishing and nutritious soups are available. Enjoy Silks House’s signature dishes “Crispy Rice Puff with King Crab Meat, Scallop, King Prawn and Vegetables in Lobster Stock” and “Ultimate King Crab Feast” at ease in the comfort of your home.


The Five-Star Signature Set Menu is suitable for one and includes Regent Taipei’s Champion Beef Noodles and a selection of classic Western and Chinese cuisine dishes from each restaurant. This menu includes azie’s Wok Fried Chicken with Sichuan Spices, Truffle Risotto with Foie Gras, Tagliatelle Bolognese, and Regent’s Club Sandwich, and more. Alongside, Silks House’s Chef Max Wo has specially prepared a Cantonese-Style Barbeque Rice for this special menu. Brasserie Buffet will also bring together popular representative dishes to your dining table, allowing guest easily to enjoy a five-star delicacy at home.


Regent Taipei’s Take-out Gift Sets such as the Champion Beef Noodles, Minced Pork Rice, and more, are all available for consumers at their convenience online. Easily enjoy a top quality five-star gourmet delicacy with affordable prices comfortably at home!


Regent Taipei has proactively cultivated the take-out market last year and has extended our services to the delivery field.

We have a specialized delivery team available to freshly deliver food at your door while maintaining the golden temperature of your order.

Drive-through service is also available at customers' convenience.

The pickup counter is located on the sidewalk of the side entrance of Regent Taipei on Lane 39.

Enjoy the seamless and quality service our delivery team and dine at home at ease.


  •  To Order: you place your order, please call at least two hours before pick up. Please dial 0930-925562 or (02) 2521-5000 (ext. 3878) or place your order online ► CLICK HERE     

  • Pickup Time: Every day from 11:30AM to 8:00PM

  • Pickup Location: Five-star Gourmet Take Out Booth (1F side entrance of Regent Taipei)        







Regent Taipei COVID-19 Pandemic Preventive Measures and Sanitary Control

To provides guests with the safest resting and dining environment, Regent Taipei has implemented the following measures to protect your health:

  1. All rooms, restaurants, banquet rooms, and Regent Galleria will strictly implement the recording of all customer's information.
  2. An infrared thermal image thermometer is installed at lobby for screening purpose
  3. Regent Taipei’s safety lab tests all ingredients to execute source recording
  4. The frequency of cleaning and disinfection of all areas will be strengthened to maintain high standards of hygiene.
  5. Crowd control will be enforced in all public areas.
  6. Buffet all have transparent protection and within every fifteen minutes, buffet public utensils will be changed.
  7. All tables at each meetings room will be equipped with partition boards.
  8. All guest room keys are disinfected with an ultraviolet disinfecting machine
  9. All staff must have their temperature measured and wear masks when on duty.
  10. Automatic alcohol spray disinfectant machines are displayed at Lobby, public areas, and all entrances and exits.







Silks Group Introduction

Founded in 1990, Silks Hotel Group (the former FIH Regent Group) is one of the top Asia-based hotel management companies as well as the largest and most profitable hotel group listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. The Group currently owns and operates the international luxury hotel complex Regent Taipei, which includes Taiwan’s largest hotel inbuilt shopping center Regent Galleria providing a collection of luxury brand shops, the lifestyle hotel brand Silks Place and the affordable stylish hotel chain Just Sleep. In addition to hotel business, Silks Hotel Group also expands its footprint to Food and Beverage and Fast-Food industry by operating restaurants in National Palace Museum and other renowned attractions and acquiring the ownership of Domino’s Pizza to become the largest pizza chain owner in Taiwan.


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