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「Light the Night x Luxury Retro Cuisine | Spring Wine Theme Party」

The third season of Taiwan’s current most trending Netflix drama Light the Night is about to be released!

As the show continues to arouse discussion among fans with their exotic Tiaotong culture scenes and luxury Japanese-style brothel portrayals, Regent Taipei, in addition to the previous show-stopping release of Light the Night themed special room package, launches yet another eclectic party package- “Light the Night x Luxury Retro Cuisine | Spring Wine Theme Party”! From now until the end of April, guests can travel through time and space, as if they were in the era of the show, and experience a unique retro spring wine feast specially curated by our Executive Banquet Chef Tony Wu, starting at NT$15,800 per table for 8 pax, with a minimum of 2 tables per reservation. Guests can also purchase additional hotel rooms and enjoy a special price of NT$2,999 per room. For details, please call the Banquet Department at 02-2523-8000 or visit the official website

The menu of “Light the Night x Luxury Retro Cuisine | Spring Wine Theme Party” is specially created by Executive Banquet Chef Tony Wu. It consists of 10 representative dishes, including five appetizers, such as Authentic Roasted Mullet Roe, Five-Flavored Squid, and Smoked Shark Fin; followed by a selection of exquisite main courses, such as Braised Xilu Pork, Daocheng Seafood Stewed, Marinated Crispy Cartilage, and the unique Willow Tree Fish Finger, derived from the ancient Taiwanese dish "Wu Liuzhi", "willow" means to thinly slice the ingredients.

The Garlic Squid Pot with Snail mainly consists of a prominent ingredient used during the TV show’s era: canned squid. With creativity and skills, Executive Chef Wu turns an unremarkable canned food into a banquet delicacy by adding snail meat and an abundance of garlic sprouts, boiled with pork tenderloin, shiitake mushrooms and bamboo shoots. This seemingly simple soup contains layers of umami and aroma, capable of luring anyone into its flavor sanctuary. Before serving desserts and fruits, there are also the classic Mud Crab Rice Cake, Garlic Sausage, Fried Shrimp Roll, Clam loofa, and Dried Radish Omelette.

For dessert, the Regent classic – Eight Treasure Sweet Taro Puree is presented.
"Eight Treasures" is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. The denseness of the taro paste and the sweet and sour taste of the ingredients are intertwined, making the dish unforgettable.

In addition to the sumptuous menu, the package also provides an immersive experience, such as Light the Night themed photo booth, surround-sound system, retro makeup and hair experience, as well as free-flow whisky.

In order to facilitate companies and guests who are inconvenient to eat out due to the pandemic, Take Regent Home online platform has simultaneously launched a variety of five-star take-out delicacies, providing a new and unique way to celebrate your Spring Wine party!

Silks Hotel Group took the lead to strictly prevent staff layoffs or wage reductions during the pandemic, and further offered constructive suggestions to the government to facilitate the hospitality and service industry. In order to ensure the safety of our guests, Regent Taipei implemented a variety of epidemic prevention measures, such as UVC sterilization air purification equipment, US military Grade-A infrared image thermometer, compulsory electronic check-in and online take-out platform. In addition, through successfully transforming into an urban resort with its unprecedented “Regent City Cruise” concept and developing “Take Regent Home” e-commerce platform, Regent Taipei aspires to become a world leading model of creativity and innovation in the hotel industry. In the pursuit of excellence, Regent Taipei aims to achieve its company mission– bring the best of the world to Taiwan, and the best of Taiwan to the world.

For Reservations, please contact 2523-8000 (ext. Reservation Team)
Regent Taipei Address: No. 3, Ln. 39, Sec. 2 ZhongShan N. Rd.

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