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Wu PaoChun Bakery

Wu PaoChun Bakery has launched their special promotion for upcoming Father's Day & Mid-Autumn Festival!

Father's day

July 19th (Mon) - August 1st (Sun)

  • Place your order on our website, and you will get a "12% off bread coupon" after the payment is completed

  • Order on the official website: CLICK HERE

  • Book Father’s Day cake at the physical store, and you will get a set of new "Roma Milk Pack" (2 pieces)

Mid-Autumn Festival

2021.07.09~08.15 Super early bird pre-order offer

2021.08.16~09.13 Benefit from Pre-order discounts

2021.08.16~09.21 Buy 10 boxes at the physical stores to get 1 box free

Official website ordering area : CLICK HERE

King yolk pastry

Highly recommended! Create the ultimate King yolk pastry

The crust of the king yolk pastry is inspired by the French king pie.

Made with French Campaillette Grand Siecle and clarified butter.

The calculated number of folds and the right kneading force make the crust crispy and distinct.

There are also ancient red clay pickled salted egg yolks for 25 to 30 days and red bean fillings blended in a golden ratio. The salty and sweet flavors complement each other, allowing the bean paste and egg yolks to perfectly blend in the taste buds, giving the ultimate taste experience!

Moreover, two-stage baking is adopted to achieve the ultimate deliciousness in the mouth!

Frozen consumption for maximum flavor!

After freezing, move to refrigeration and thaw for about 2 hours before tasting.

Bring to room temperature for 5 minutes, feel the cold and crisp taste!


For detailed information, please refer to Wu PaoChun's :



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