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VAVAVOOM - International Super Model Contest


Shahad Huang, the Executive Chairman of International Supermodel Contest, finally brings this international contest to Taiwan after its 8 years of hosting in 26 other markets. Moreover, CCIFT is the Non-Profit Partnership of this supermodel contest, and Stephane PEDEN also serves as the Chief Judge. The unique highlights of this contest are global culture festival, Eco- fashion, and New Oriental culture. The champion of Taiwan will head for the Asian finals. We sincerely invite all of our CCIFT members’ brands to participate in this international fashion event.






The International Super Model Contest was created by " INTERNATIONAL MODEL ASSOCIATION " and " ASIA FASHION ASSOCIATION ". The contest presents first- class super-models through competition exercises and image design. All three brands IP:INTERNATIONAL SUPER MODEL CONTEST, FASHION CHILDREN CONTEST, MRS INTERNATIONAL PAGEANT begin to bloom. Efforts will be made to build the beautiful event as an international brand, occupying a place in the world super model stage. The contest elects champion model and top ten models every year. Known as the "cradle of supermodels" by the industry, it represents the highest level of model qualification competition. INTERNATIONAL SUPER MODEL CONTEST 2021 starts now. Let the contest be truly international. Let models from different countries, with different cultures and skin colors come together to compete for the global championship. Taiwan officially joined 2021 International Super Model Contest. At present, China, Japan, Canada, the United States, Italy, Australia, Thailand and other countries have started. Super model’s beautiful battle flags are all over the world. Join an amazing career with fashion and youth together!



Supermodel Ambassador of Health Charity - Miya Xia.

Miya is our yoga celebrity. Our philosophy is “guard one’s health and beautify one’s life.”  With the vibe of yoga around Euro-America supermodel society, she wishes the success of this Super Model Contest! Everyone will have a healthy and beautiful life. She was wearing the piece of artwork made by our French designer VANIDA DANG. The theme of VANIDA DANG’s fashion design focuses on the topic of Social Community Caring. VANIDA also supports Art and Cinema Creation with young movie directors, actors, musicians and artists. She was the co casting director of “Les Miserables” in 2020, an actor coach and costume director of 2019 Cannes Film Festival.

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Supermodel Ambassador of Eco-Fashion TV news anchor - Sherly Chien / Teresa Tan / Sabrina Lim

They were wearing Taiwan Designer- Owen Chen has supported Eco-Fashion and ocean continuously. His 2020 Eco-Fashion Show "OWEN CHEN" X "West Village Fa”Sea”ion" was presenting the collection made by the marine debris. Owen Chen’s simple philosophy: "beautiful & fashion", which emphasizes the theme of “stay away from disposable fashion”. Make fashion everlasting by being eco-friendly.

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3 Designers


VANIDA DANG- France: Social Concern

VANIDA DANG is a creative designer from France. She supports local youth integration missions and organizations, she also supports silk workshops in Cambodia, disabled or precarious workers, etc.

Art and Creation with young directors and musicians. Concerning the manufacturing, packing, logistic process, VANIDA DANG approach is also supportive, by entrusting companies that facilitate the integration through work of disabled or precarious workers. Fabrics come from Asia, Japan, the cut and the patronages are made in Italy and Asia.


    Vanida also supports Art and Cinema/ Creation with young movie directors, actor/actress and musicians, artists.

    In 2019 Cannes festival winner within the short film section with the film Inside.


    Co Casting Director member for an Acting and Film School created by Cannes and Cesar / Oscar winner movie director Ladj Ly


    An establishment and service of assistance through work called (ESAT) is in France : an establishment reserved for people with disabilities or suffering from very long term unemployment and aimed at their social and professional integration or reintegration.Coaching in self esteem workshops that she set up for long term unemployed people and towards the youngest. French economic magazine REBONDIR highlighted this initiative

Find out more about VANIDA DANG:


Liang-I, Wu, Chi-Hsiang Lee- Taiwan: New Oriental Culture

Fashion designer & artist, Professor Liang-I WU 吳亮儀

Wu Liangi is internationally & Taiwan's well-known authoritative designer & artist of fashion design, Haute Couture designs and Hyper-stylish Creative Aesthetic costume cultural, and creative design. She pushes forward development and research of Taiwan's national costume, with 20 years of professional experience annotation multicultural to the value and beauty Taiwan. She has to Western fashion tailoring and traditional Oriental arts and humanities into fashion creation, will be Eastern and West's fashionable esthetics acme display in haute couture designs. 2011 & 2014 Asian Top Fashion Haute Couture Designer of the Year Top 5. At CCIFT International Super Model Catwalk, the gold award gown of“Festival International des Arts de Paris”, the "Oriental Mythology" haute couture and the Virgin Mary of the East-媽祖.

The hat was designed for 3 months, using temple building structure and traditional craftsmanship to bless Taiwan and wish this event a great success. The theme is to create the image of 瑤池金母- the head of the goddess- "Sheila" of the East with its design which shows the image of water and art.

Find out more about Liang-I WU:


Owen Chen- Taiwan: Eco-Fashion

Owen Chen 陳奕良 Known for his outstanding asymmetric design and 3-dimensional cut, Owen Chen was awarded the 1st Place at the 3rd TVBS Design Contest tv show(like PROJECT RUNWAY). His work was once handpicked by Lady Gaga while she was performing  a concert in Taiwan. Owen Chen has supported Eco-Fashion and ocean continuously. His 2020 Eco-Fashion Show "OWEN CHEN" X "West Village Fa”Sea”ion" was presenting the collection made by the marine debris. Besides, he has participated in various major international and domestic fashion shows, including Shanghai Fashion Week, Young Designer's Exhibition(multiple times), TIS Fashion show, Hua-Shan Art Exhibition...etc., and has been widely recognized by the media. Now,he is the creative director of his namesake brand "OWEN CHEN" and the designer of the brand "In Design".

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