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Throwback to the Rendezvous with the Minister of Labor: Taiwan's New Vision for Labor

On the 22nd of November, we hosted the Minister of Labor, Ming-Chun HSU, in our highly regarded rendezvous series.

In her keynote, the Minster was proud to announce that Taiwan has one of the world’s lowest unemployment rates; however, our nation’s demographic dividend would come to a close by 2028. In acknowledgement of our ageing society, the government established incentive programs such as upskilling migrant-workers and encouraging middle-aged and elderly labor forces and many more.

Moderated by the GM of the Chamber Stephane Peden, the presentation was followed by a panel representing varying sectors, including:

  • Anne KWANG, Apollotech Veolia
  • Steve HSU, Carrefour Taiwan
  • Lilly Chiu, L'Oréaltaiwan
  • CocoLin, BMW TaTung

Claude Cossec, our floral master presented the Minster with his handmade flower basket and we hope to further strengthen our ties with the Ministry and the government.

Special thanks to all of our guests who came today, and we look forward to enhanced relationships between French-Taiwan businesses and our governmental stakeholders.


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The Rendez-vous series aims to connect the French Business Community with key decision makers in Taiwan. During the 1.5 hour luncheon, participants can expect to engage with our ministers, government officials and high-profiled persons to learn more about the latest government policies and advocate to enhance exchanges and collaborations between France and Taiwan.

Join this program for the unique opportunity to have your voice heard and make changes.

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