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Throwback on Meet the CEO - Pernod Ricard Taiwan

June 1, Meet the CEO with Terence ONG, Managing Director of Pernod Ricard Taiwan


In our 2nd series of Meet the CEO this year, we proudly work in partnership with Pernod Ricard Taiwan, a leader in the wines and spirits industry with world-renowned brands such as Absolut, Ballantine’s, Malibu, and Royal Salute. Despite the pandemic, Terence led the company to thrive with innovation and extra attention to their clients. 


As a leader in business, Pernod Ricard Taiwan gives back to the community locally. Their Glass Bottle upcycling, initiatives to cut down packaging, and creating a convivial environment for the elderly delivers their commitment toward sustainability strongly with their actions. ​​​​​​

Sean YU

Business Development Manager of KEYTEO

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Cerise Phiv

Co-founder of

"It was a very insightful discussion with Terence. We learned a lot about how alcohol products are distributed in Taiwan, especially in convenience stores.
We also liked that Terence challenged our strategy, we will certainly take into account some of his remarks for our future product development."

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Raymond LEE and Sam YU

CEO and CTO of Lisse

"Terence helped us optimize our marketing language, such as focusing on sustainability, by highlighting the technical strengths of our product. We are also grateful to him for generously sharing his knowledge on whisky as we march into the next phase of our product development."

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#MeetTheCEO is an initiative of the CCIFT that provides opportunities for start-ups and SMEs to connect 1:1 with CEOs of world-renowned brands to discuss their goals and challenges.

We bring together CEOs from diverse industries with expert insights into the international trends while with the most in-depth knowledge of the local Taiwanese market.

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