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Throwback on Meet the CEO - Clarins

On October 6th we held our second Meet the CEO session of the year with Kathy CHEN, General Manager of Clarins, at their office in Xinyi.


Clarins is a French cosmetics company operating in over 150 countries. The company specializes in the manufacturing and selling of skincare and makeup products by making use of the positive effects of water, air and plants. Clarins is also a major player in the spa and well-being sector.

Mrs Kathy CHEN met with the candidates for 2 sessions of 45 minutes: 

  • Angela FENG, founder of NESS 

  • Kobe LAI, Business Development Manager and Hsin HUANG, Technical Product Manager at VACAN

“It's such a great event that I can learn many things from a company's CEO in a short time. “

Kobe LAI, Business Development Manager at VACAN

"Thank you CCIFT set up Meet the CEO program, it really gave the entrepreneurs opportunities to speak with big corporation and exchange ideas, gain insights in the business world. Hopefully CCIFT can help to communicate to build and maintain the community and ecosystem to help new and small business here to find more opportunities and learnings."

Angela FENG, founder of NESS 

“ Even when costs are rising, the company’s core value of respecting the environment should be protected. “

Kathy CHEN, General Manager of Clarins


Thank you for your participation at this year's Meet the CEO event and for sharing your experience and projects.

We hope the best for you and your success in the future.

Special thanks to the General Manager of Clarins, Kathy CHEN,  it was a great experience having your valuable presence.


#MeetTheCEO is a monthly initiative of the CCIFT that provides opportunities for start-ups and SMEs to connect with a CEO of a large company. Click here to find out more about our next session.


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