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Throwback on Climate Fresk Workshop

Many of us are aware of climate change and some of us have shifted towards building sustainable habits such as reduce, reuse and recycle.
However, very rarely are we given the opportunity to understand the root causes and their consequences and to strategize upon solutions that would be most effectively bring change.


“The Climate Fresk” allows you to understand the essential issues of climate change in order to take action.

Why should it matter to you:

  1. Central banks and other supervisory authorities are now considering climate change as a risk to financial stability
  2. Investors and financial markets are increasingly demanding ESG plans and a path to net-zero carbon emission.
  3. 64% of consumers say they care more about extreme weather patterns and 74% believe it will become more prominent in the future.

From our participants

Thank you for leading the "Die or Life" team to get more understanding on the Climate Change issue and the impact of CO2 on the environment and human's life.

I learn a lot from this workshop.

After participating in this activity, I will try my best to change my behavior, not to damage this planet, and hope I can influence more people to reduce any bad things to earth.

Merci bcp pour hier, c'était super !

So appreciate for having opportunity to join this event. In the past one and half month, it fully changed my life behavior,(walk, cycling to work instead of driving). It's pretty meaningful for me, and thanks for team mates engagement during the competition. Awesome team work! However, the event was completed, I think I will keep GREEN and fight for Earth. 

Merci et bravo à vous trois pour l'animation de l'atelier, c'était super :)

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