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The Power of Practice : From Hair stylist to Culture Preserver

On October 13th 15:00-16:00, we were pleased to host Mr Wind Huang, the founder of One Tree One Mountain to our CSR webinar: The Power of Practice: From Hair stylist to Culture Preserver.

Wind Huang (original name Leisha Dabasi), is an Atayal aborigine from the Mkmatuy tribe (馬胎部落), in Jianshi Township, Hsinchu.

During the webinar, he shared his motives and actions about protecting the environment and aboriginal culture in Taiwan. To find a plant representing their tribe, he chose the tassel flower, a native plant of Taiwan. When the trees blossom, everyone will be able to find the flowers all the way to the ridgeline of Lala Mountain.

“Do innovative things with a cohesive heart and to leave a legacy”

Taiwan is the kingdom of butterflies with more than 400 butterflies on the island. Wind is also engaged in rehabilitating butterflies. Not only to preserve the ecology, but also to create prosperity for the tribe. He hoped that in the future, more and more young people will come back to work in the village.


As for the preservation of aboriginal culture, they regularly hosted Atayal Music Festival before Covid-19. They gathered many Atayal singers and performers, with innovative music combined with their mother tongue, in order to attract more young people to participate. Moreover, they set up “Textile Weaving Elementary School”, to let the next generation discover the traditional weaving culture of Atayal.


In the end of the webinar, Wind would like to especially thank Pascal Thien-Ah-Koon of Tak Associes Taiwan, Joël Cicéron of Ostendo Projects, Gregoire de Boisse of Le Sommelier, Cindy Yeh of Pierre Fabre, Olivier Parrot of Olivier Traduction, Terence Ong of Pernod Ricard, Camille Tang of Le P’tit Cru, Faye Angevine of Baiwin for their kind financial support to One Tree-One Mountain for planting trees.


Wind would like to invite all of you to join the planting trees projects in the following months. If you are touched and interested in their actions, follow their website for upcoming events ► CLICK HERE

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