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Sherwood Mid-Autumn Festival Moon Cake Promotion

Sherwood launched their Mid-Autumn Festival Moon Cake Promotion! Order on their website now to enjoy their early-bird discount. 

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the Sherwood Hotel has launched a series of take-out products and catering items.

This year, in addition to the annual hot sale of classic bright mooncake gift boxes, the Sherwood has also launched the highly anticipated Ingenuity mooncake gift boxes for you to choose from!

The gift box packaging also launched two different styles, with famous paintings The Endless Dazzling and Small Pastry Chefs with stylish design are presented in front of you, and the elegant classic style is delivered to the guests through their warm service.

While enjoying the moon cakes, you can also enjoy the classic paintings. During the epidemic, isn't it a sense of ritual?

Are you ready? Pick up the phone or write to them to make a reservation now!


今年(2021),臺北西華飯店除了推出每年熱賣銷售經典璀璨月餅禮盒外,更全新推出備受矚目的西華匠心月餅禮盒供您選擇!!!  禮盒包裝也推出兩款不同風格,以名畫 永無止盡的璀璨  小糕餅師傅 佐設計風格,呈現在您的面前,更將優雅經典風格透過西華的溫暖服務送到賓客手中。

享用月餅的同時,更能品味西華經典名畫,疫情期間,何嘗不是一種儀式感呢 !!  準備好了嗎?現在就拿起電話或來信向他們預約吧 !!

The Sherwood Taipei

Address: 111 Min Sheng E. Road Sec. 3, Taipei


Tel: 02-2718-6666

  • Jeffery Wu  (Ext. 3603)

  • Howie Chen  (Ext. 3607)

  • Cherry Chiu  (Ext. 3617)

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