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Regent Taipei Presents a Tantalizing Selection of French Chestnut Desserts in Celebration of this Autumn Season

As autumn season arrives, our tastebuds crave luscious flavors and sweetness that imbues to the heart.

To satisfy all cravings, from now to October 21st, Regent Taipei selects French AOC (Appellation d'origine contrôlée) awarded chestnuts as the main protagonist and presents a tantalizing selection of French Chestnut Desserts. Regent Taipei’s Executive Pastry Chef Nicolas Pelloie utilizes fresh chestnuts to create four delectable desserts – Chestnut Souffle Milk Roll, Chestnut Blueberry Tart, Chestnut Opera Cake, and Chestnut Soy Milk Cup – that are available on Take Regent Home and Regent Gift Shop (1F). Chef Nicolas Pelloie selected chestnuts from Ardèche, a department located in southeast France, for this promotion. Ardèche chestnuts have a distinctive taste profile as it flourishes in the acidic soil and upland climate. These chestnuts are medium size with a uniquely sweet and crisp aroma taste profile. After a long roasting period, the overall texture becomes delicately soft, which makes the perfect ingredient for various desserts.  

This French Chestnut Dessert Selection includes four desserts with alluring flavors. The Chestnut Souffle Milk Roll derives from the original Regent Souffle Milk Roll,
which the public praised. Chef Nicolas Pelloie has taken this signature dessert and given it an autumn twist by incorporating chestnut flavor. The souffle-texture cake uses Japanese flour, French whipping cream, and Madagascar vanilla beans mixed with milk and eggs and baked at different temperatures to create a golden and fluffy cake. The cream filling is made of a chestnut whipped cream with diced chestnuts with a chestnut spread. Altogether, this souffle milk roll has a velvety and smooth texture, creating an ultimate autumn dessert for only $880 NTD.

Another special dessert in this tantalizing selection is the Chestnut Blueberry Tart for $460 NTD. This dessert has the perfect blend of almond cream filling with fresh blueberries, then topped with a rich chestnut filling. A light and airy chestnut-flavored Bavarian panna cotta mixed with Japanese and French whipped cream to create a Chantilly cream to be carefully squeezed on top. Chef Pelloie uses maple leaf-shaped chocolate as a garnish for a bitter and rich flavor. 

Executive Chef Pelloie has also released a Chestnut Opera Cake  and a Chestnut Soy Milk Cup both for $280 NTD in this promotion. The origin behind the opera
cake goes back to the 1950s as the Paris Opera House was the inspiration for the name. Chef Pelloie has taken this dessert and infused chestnut elements into the classic. The bottom layer is a French almond sponge cake soaked in rum syrup water to heighten its aroma, then the middle has a blackberry jam spread and topped with a rich chocolate ganache created with chestnut whipped cream and milk chocolate mixed with 70% dark chocolate. Finally, the opera cake is completed with chestnut puree and thin chocolate chip, creating a sophisticated and rich flavor within every bite. Chef Pelloie curated the Chestnut Soy Milk Cup, which is a fusion between Chinese and Western culture. The bottom layer is a French classic genoise cake stacked with soy milk jelly and a 70% dark chocolate jelly with a light chestnut whipped cream and dense chestnut puree. A crispy brown sugar streusel paired with candied black beans is layered on top as a garnish to create an innovative dessert. 

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