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Rediscover the Nostalgia of Mid-Autumn Festival with Regent Taipei’s Mid-Autumn Culinary Feast Selection!

Rediscover the nostalgia of this special festival together with the tales that are held close to heart.

A captivating array of Mid-Autumn delights awaits families as we rediscover the nostalgia of this special festival together with the tales that are held close to heart. Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important annual festivals in Chinese culture and lands on September 21st this year.
The Mid-Autumn Festival has been a celebration that emphasizes the reunion and rebirth of familial bonds through traditions like eating mooncakes. Under the illuminating moon, families celebrate by hanging lanterns, eating delicious mooncakes, and hosting reunions with a gourmet feast. Regent Taipei presents a culinary feast selection on our online shopping platform, Take Regent Home.
This selection includes four cuisine feasts – Taiwanese, Cantonese, Shanghainese, and Japanese – with each consisting of 12 dishes that are perfect for family gatherings. Along with the culinary feast selection, Regent Taipei has launched three innovative mooncakes including - Lava Moon, Twin Moon, and Treasure Moon.

The catering executive chef Tony Wu has launched the Chef' s Specialty Buddha Jump Over the Wall Feast on Take Regent Home, our online shopping platform.
This Taiwanese feast includes 6 classic appetizers, Abalone with Garlic and Flat Rice Noodles, Salt and Pepper Roasted Pork Ribs, Braised Pomfret with Garlic, Seasonal Vegetables, and Wild Mushrooms, and the classic Taiwanese dish Buddha Jump Over the Wall, and White Sesame Salted Egg Pastry as dessert. Alongside, the Shanghainese Style Exquisite Gourmet Delicacy Feast includes – 6 appetizers, Longjing Stir-fried Shrimp, Braised Pork Balls, Drunken Yellow Croaker, Baby Chinese Cabbage, the signature dish Double-Boiled Pork with Bamboo Shoots in Casserole, and Jujube Paste Pancake for desserts.

For a consecutive four-year Michelin Plate restaurant, Silks House has curated a special Cantonese culinary feast that includes many signature dishes. The Michelin Roasted Duck Feast has 6 appetizers, Roasted Duck and Empress Lobster Stock with King Crab Meat & Seafood, Duck Chops with Ginger and Scallion, Sauteed Lobster.
For desserts, the set includes the popular Deep-fried Custard Ball.

Nothing is better than a Japanese Style Surf & Turf Hotpot and Sukiyaki Set to celebrate this Mid-Autumn Festival. This special feast includes a Boston Lobster with Philippine’s Mud Crab as the main protagonists for the hot pot. Sukiyaki with U.S. Prime Short Ribs, Beef Shoulder, and Danish Pork is used to pair with these seafood wonders, creating a wonderful land and sea feast for all to enjoy at home. 

Handcrafted by our professional chefs, this year’s mooncakes present an array of new flavors for both traditional and modern mooncakes. Silks House’s Executive Dim Sum Chef Dicky Ng has specially launched the Lava Moon – Purple Sweet Potato Lava Custard Mooncakes Gift Set. This innovative and flavorful mooncake has a purple sweet potato filling with a coconut-flavored Momoyama pastry crust. In the center of the filling, salted egg yolk and maltose with custard powder and cream to create the molten lava burst within a bite. The smooth and silky taste with a flavorful filling matched with chocolate fudge brownies from our Executive Pastry Chef Nicolas Pelloie to create the Twin Moon – Fusion Mooncakes Gift Set that is a gift set where the Chinese and Western culture intertwines. Celebrate this festival with a twist with the Mid-Autumn Festival Chocolate Cake Pops. From walnut bits and cream cheese to create chocolate fudge brownies and then hand-molded into unique shapes and designs correlated to Mid-Autumn Festival. Treasure Moon – Colorful Formosa Treasure Mooncake Gift Set includes four bright colors Momoyama pastry crust with different fruit fillings, allowing you to enjoy the sweet and fragrant fruit flavors while adding a new twist to traditional mooncakes.


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