Somm - Fine Wine- Opening next May, 24th! Don't miss it!

SOMM- Fine Wine  Grand Opening


DATE : Thursday, May 24th

TIME: 5pm to 10 pm

VENUE: Somm Wine Shop106, Taipei City,

Da'an District,Section 2, Anhe Road, No 92 B1F

COST: 1,500 TWD at Door1,200TWD Pre sale


ABOUT Somm Spirit'd


Somm Spirit'd has been created by two life-long friends who have been been working with some of the most prestigious food and beverage and hospitality brands for many years, across different international gateways.After eight years in the Gulf, Yohan Morel (youwineme) and Eric Eybert are today highly regarded sommeliers and ambassadors of reputable wineries. Their resume includes prestigious names such as Chef Alain Ducassse and his etablishment at the Dorcester orhighly acknowledged sommelier Franck Thomas (MOF anf Best European Sommelier 2000).

In the region, Yohan and Eric have held positions such as Head Sommelier and Beverage Manager in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain working for luxury hotel operators such as The St. Regis, The Ritz-Carlton, Jumairah or stand alone restaurants that are ‘the talk of the town’ like Okku.Having acquired an in-depth understanding of the market and the discerning clientele of Dubai and beyond, the two friends realized that current supply is falling behind the trends and taste development. Subsequently, the guys at Somm Spirit'd take a different approach to the beverages they promote: small and medium size wineries with a more sophisticated approach of their wines are being brought in the spotlight, while emphasizing the organic and biodynamic processes that prove a sustainability focused mindset, considering their CO2 emission and fair trade relations with partners.

Yohan and Eric accumulate over 35 years experience with the finest beverages and both have built strong links with producers from all over the world. Together, they have embarked in a journey aimed both at improving the experience of wine connoisseurs and atdoing it in a more responsible manner as wine stands for bringing people together and share some of the most memorable moments. As sommelier ambassadors they both want to encourage the hospitality industry and the local distributors and be part of their vision and have come with this second edition of their portfolio.


Somm Spirit'd是由兩位一生的摯友所創立,兩人擁有深厚的餐飲背景,曾與許多知名的餐飲品牌合作多年,並跨越不同領域,走向國際。在波斯海灣餐飲遊走八年之後,

Yohan Morel(youwineme創始人)和Eric Eybert成為享有聲譽的侍酒師及葡萄酒品牌大使。兩人的資歷受到許多享有聲望的前輩的肯定,包括主廚Alain Ducasse在倫敦的Dorcester酒店,知名侍酒師Franck Thomas(2000年MOF和歐洲最佳侍酒師)。Yohan和Eric曾擔任杜拜、阿布達比及巴林的總侍酒師和餐飲部經理等職位,任職單位皆為高級豪華酒店品牌,如The ST.Regis、The Ritz-Carlton、Jumairah或知名獨立餐廳像是位於杜拜的Okku餐廳(多次獲得杜拜最佳日本料理)。在深入了解杜拜及中東其他地區的市場和客群後,兩人意識到市場上的葡萄酒供應,已追不上國際潮流趨勢,而消費者的品味正不斷的提升。

隨後,Somm Spirit’d採取了不同於其他同業的做法:採用注重繁複釀酒細節、使用有機和生物動力種植法的中小型酒莊,並注重二氧化碳排放與公平交易法。Yohan和Eric擁有超過35年的葡萄酒餐飲經驗,並與各地酒莊、釀酒師有著穩定長久的友好關係。 他們一起走在提升葡萄酒體的道路上,並以更負責謹慎的態度,與大家享最難忘的時刻。作為品牌大使,他們期望促使餐飲業和當地經銷商的良好合作,這是Somm Spirit'd的願景。希望您會喜歡我們對於葡萄酒的認真與執著!


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