Get Your Organic Skincare Routine Ready For Take-off With China Airlines–One Day Bio In-flight Skincare Tips

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Going on a long plane ride can be such a struggle. The problem with air travel is that recirculated, dehumidified cabin air combined with stress and poor sleep has the potential to wreak havoc on your skin. While we can’t do much about the stresses of air travel, our long haul flight beauty essentials mean you won’t have to worry about your skin when you touch down.

A Pre-Flight Skin Care Routine Is A Must !

Ideally, you should start a few days before you fly. Focus on a hydrating moisturizer to make sure your skin is fully hydrated before you board, and ready to cope with the parched cabin air. We love our Organic Mallow Moisturizer, boosted with extracts of mallow , strawberry and beeswax, and our Organic Lavender Anti-aging Serum-in-Oil for skin that feels recharged with moisture and looks rested.

Board with Your Beauty Kit

Keep a little make-up bag in your hand luggage filled with long haul flight beauty essentials. A hydrating mist is a brilliant choice, since it’s portable and not very messy, spritz a hydrating spray to instantly boost your skin and replenish any dryness, pack your favorite moisturizer. We love our Organic Lavender Floral Water Spray can improve irritated skin by helping the skin retain water, and remember to apply another layer of moisturizer after. Don’t forget your lip balm – lips can really suffer on airplanes.

Drink More Water

With a great serum and moisturizer you can keep your skin hydrated from the outside. However, it’s also important to hydrate from the inside. Remember to refill a water bottle once you’re past security, and try to drink continuously throughout the flight.

Put Face Mask On

Despite the fact that you might scare a flight attendant or two, putting on a face mask is a fun and effective way to keep up with your skincare routine, especially on those long international flights.

Your Smart Skincare Routine Choice On The Go!

Can’t decide which product to bring for your next fly? Check out One Day Bio organic skincare which you can use to help your skin deal with different time zones. This label is founded in Taiwan and certificated in COSMOS ORGANIC, VEGAN and cruelty-free. One Day Bio skincare products combine essential vitamins, botanicals, and minerals which heal and restore your skin—without harming our earth !

There you have it — with simple steps you can arrive at your next destination with gorgeous, well-rested skin even if you had a long-haul flight.

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