EVA Air Boeing 787 Dreamliner Will Fly between Taipei and Hong Kong in November–Tourists’ Favorite Taiwan Organic Brand One Day Bio is Now Available Onboard

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EVA’s 787 Dreamliner – The Smile in the Sky

In 2018, Taiwan’s skies will be blessed with more happiness! EVA Air, an airline renowned for its extraordinary management and flight safety record, has introduced the brand new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. According to Steve LIN, sunshine, air, and water are the 3 key elements of the new aircraft’s interior; other amenities include larger windows, reduced cabin pressure--which leads to a greater level of oxygen saturation and alleviates the discomfort of airsickness—as well as increased cabin humidity to 3 to 4 times that of conventional aircrafts, which all combine to create a more comfortable flying experience for passengers.

First Look at EVA Air's New Business Class Cabins

When boarding the plane, passengers will be able to experience the cozy, relaxing ambiance in EVA Air Boeing 787-9’s Royal Laurel Class and Economy Class cabins. These new seats feel fresh and chic. They have understated brown leather accents, rich-toned gray upholstery, colorful splashes of the airline’s signature green hue, and mood lighting that lends them a more refined, swanky ambiance.

Enjoy A Delightful Inflight Shopping Experience

Besides visiting the must-see up and coming destinations and experiencing foreign delicacies, the joy of “shopping” is also an integral part of the traveling experience! EVA Sky Shop is the in-flight duty-free shopping experience and offers a good selection of fragrances, cosmetics, and more. EVA Home Delivery Shopping offers exclusive items and premium products, and you can have them delivered to the doorstep for free, making inflight shopping more fun than ever before!

Organic Products to Use on a Plane

Long flights can doom your skin. Between the dry, recycled air and the unlimited booze in premium cabins, if you aren't careful you might look and feel like a wreck before stepping off the plane in your final destination. “Cabin air is often less than 20% humidity, whereas at home, humidity is 30% or more”, that mostly means that skin will lack moisture and dry out faster. To beat the breakouts and tight skin with the One Day Bio “organic-certified skincare set”— a favorite among tourists — is available onboard the plane, allowing you to pamper your mid-flight to retain a glowing, radiant complexion.

In-flight Skincare Tip 1 – Keep your Skin Hydrated!

Drink plenty of water; it’s important for the health of your cells. If you want an efficient way to hydrate your skin, you can spray the skin with flower water and apply another layer of moisturizer after. One Day Bio “Organic Lavender Floral Water” contains trace amount of essential oil is perfect to instantly hydrate and calm your skin while maintaining its oil-water balance in the cabin. The spray bottle design makes it your perfect travel companion, allowing you to re-hydrate your skin anytime.

In-flight Skincare Tip 2 – Apply Facial Oil to Nourish your Skin

Airplane cabins have low humidity, so applying a serum or oil that delivers enhanced hydration and protection is vital. Facial oil has instant and long-lasting hydrating qualities help restore dry, cracked skin. One Day Bio “Organic Butterfly Lavender Anti-aging Facial Oil” it sinks into the skin so beautifully and contains highly concentrated butterfly lavender extract, jojoba, argon and 9 essential oils, which is high in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, E, D, and K. This oil works like a shield to stop environmental aggressors from ravaging your complexion and it's amazing at protecting against moisture loss and soothing wrinkles.

In-flight Skincare Tip 3 – Fly Makeup-Free and Layer your skincare

If you’re on a long haul flight, remember to re-apply your moisturizer, allowing your skin to rehydrate and de-stressed. Use One Day Bio “Organic Mallow Brightening Moisturizer” helps to re-hydrate, boost circulation and against UVA radiation. This moisturizer blends jojoba oil and bees-wax extracts can nourish your skin, as well as contains 12 soothing and nourishing ingredients like mallow, geranium, grapefruit and strawberry, etc. First, you want to apply a good oil or serum, and then finish with a generous layer of cream to ‘seal’ in the moisture.

The Secret to Natural Skin Glow While Flying!

One Day Bio considers both human and environmental health. This brand is the only skincare label in Taiwan to obtain the EU’s COSMOS ORGANIC, UK’s Vegan, and USA’s Cruelty-Free certifications. These organic certified skincare products will make you feel better about what you’re putting on your face and allow you to transform your skin into healthy, stunning and radiant skin! No wonder that even tourists come to Taiwan to stock-up on One Day Bio, so how can you not experience the new green beauty yourself?


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