BAI WIN COLLECTION - Unify with Nature: A Nature Mandala Experience

Unify with Nature: A Nature Mandala Experience



Red Room would like to follow up on our collective artistic celebration of Mother Nature with a 'Unify with Nature: A Nature Mandala Experience' at Bai Win Collection.

Mandala, meaning "sacred circle" in Sanskrit, symbolizes the impermanence of life and our interconnection with the cosmos; that we are not separate, but are nature itself. In this Nature Mandala workshop, we explore the themes of connection our internal and external "nature". Outdoors, we will commune with the surrounding green spaces through a silent and meditative process. We will gather organic materials on the ground, such as fallen leaves, petals, twigs and more. In a designated space, we will co create our nature mandala together, each finding their individual and interdependent place in the process. We will honor our impermanent co-creation with a guided meditation. Inside, our journeys continue through a creation of an individual nature mandala as an artistic representation of our themes. Please join us on this unique journey of introspection, connection and creation.

What you can bring: Participants are welcome to bring nature elements already gathered prior to the event to include in the group or individual nature mandala.


Date: 10/18/2020

Time: 3:00-5:30 p.m.

Location: Bai Win Collection

1F, no 2, Ln 405, Section 6, Zhongshan N. Rd, Taipei 11155, Taiwan

Cost: $400 (for materials)


Limited space. RSVP required on the link provided. Payment can be made online or at the event.

About the facilitator: Malabika is an integrative social worker, wellness specialist, yoga and mindfulness instructor and nature lover. She aims to create community-based educational, therapeutic and integrative experiences that enhance body, mind, spirit wellbeing, empathy and joy.

Details of Messages to Mother Nature platform can be found at the following website:


曼陀羅在梵文中意為「神聖的圓」,象徵生命的無限性與渺小自身跟碩大宇宙的連結;其實我們就是宇宙本身。在這次自然曼陀羅工作坊中我們將探索內在與外在的「自然」。在戶外時我們會以沈靜的心、冥想打坐跟大自然溝通,搜集有機媒材來創作,像是落葉、樹枝、樹 皮等,過程中可以自己找尋適合自己的創作地。





地點:11155 台北市 (Taipei, Taiwan)中山北路六段405巷2號1樓




關於帶領者:Malabika 是一位社會工作者、身心靈專家,瑜伽以及覺察引導師,同時也非常喜愛大自然。她希望可以創建一個具有教育性、療癒性以及整合經驗的社群以增進身心靈的健康與散播喜悅和慈悲心。

**Red Room is dedicated to providing a community space and platform where creative expression can thrive. Your donations allow us to cover our operational costs and also go towards fulfilling our mission. Red Room is registered in Taipei City as a not-for-profit association.

** Red Room致力於提供一個社區空間和平台,讓創意表達能夠茁壯成長。您的捐款使我們能夠承擔運營成本並履行我們的使命。 Red Room在台北市註冊為非營利性協會。

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