Jennifer Huang 黃曉貞Senior Visa Consultant, People First Relocation Taiwan

Jennifer is People First’s Senior Visa Consultant with experience in standard and special professional work permits and gold card applications. With ten years of industry experience, Jennifer completed over six hundred application filings in 2022. She is certified by the National Immigration Agency and has the Employee Relocation Council’s Global Mobility Specialist designation.


Jennifer 是 People First 的資深簽證顧問,在白領外籍人士的簽證,工作許可與金卡申請方面擁有豐富的經驗,同時也對中國人士入台證有深入見解。

憑藉近十年的產業經驗,Jennifer在 2022 年完成了約六百多份申請。


  • 內政部移民署合格移民專業人員
  • Global Mobility Specialist – Worldwide ERC

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