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Throwback on Meet the CEO - ECOVIS Taiwan

September 20th and 22nd, we held our third Meet the CEO of the year with Henry Liao and Pascal Thien-Ah-Khoon from ECOVIS Taiwan.


We’d like to thank ECOVIS, Henry and Pascal immensely for their generous time, expertise and contribution to our attendees and their support for the Chamber’s Meet the CEO project. Please keep us in the loop! Angelica, Kimberly, David and Yunice!

Frabreco, Taiwan's top 6 semifinalist in the Hult Prize Taipei Summit

Their venture to fill in the demands of hospital beds in Latin America made from recycled textiles scores all the points for social impacts; however, the founders’ major concern is not to compromise their mission to help. Henry answered that shareholding and company governance doesn’t necessarily have to be the same, and finding investors with shared values would be a significant bonus. Pascal noted the importance of filing for a patent in case any cherished project one day acts against its original founder.

David Rodriguez from FinditTogether

FinditTogether is David’s innovative project to streamline the modern-day “lost and found” department. In a nutshell, if you’ve lost something and someone has found it, the app pairs you together. However, behind the simple concept, there are legal concerns about the procedures of claiming the lost items’ ownership and the authority to return them. As David has presented CEOs with successful examples in Europe and the States; it would be a good idea to study the terms and conditions before airing the smart solution!

Yunice Fong

Yunice comes from a similar background with ECOVIS. As a professional accountant, she exercises her expertise in legal regulations and accounting practices in the States by collaborating with firms working between APAC and the US. As partners, Henry and Pascal suggest that Yunice find partners, build profiles and establish her firm. Reaching Taiwanese clients may be challenging due to language barriers, but in reverse, working remotely for clients on the other side of the Pacific Ocean may open up more opportunities without sacrificing the life equality of Asia.

#MeetTheCEO is an initiative of the CCIFT that provides opportunities for start-ups and SMEs to connect 1:1 with CEOs of world-renowned brands to discuss their goals and challenges.

We bring together CEOs from diverse industries with expert insights into the international trends while with the most in-depth knowledge of the local Taiwanese market.

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