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Throwback on 2023 CCIFI Sports Challenge

Congratulations to our 47 teams! Taiwan ranks First in Asia!

The CSR challenge has come to an end! Thunderous applause for all participants around the world especially for our 47 Taiwan team’s achievement! Thanks to each and every effort we've made, we ranked 1st in Asia and 2nd globally! Cheers to our team spirit!


We’re proud to say that, in Taiwan, we are challengers!  We had fun together and saved over 10756.48kg CO₂ emissions. Eight teams from Taiwan ranked in the global top 30, with many strong individual performers ranking high in the list!


Big shoutout to the top 5 winning teams from Taiwan:

No. 1: 🇹🇼 SocGen - Bonjour

No. 2: 🇹🇼 SocGen - Oh là là

No. 3: 🇹🇼PRT-Measuring the World

No. 4: 🇹🇼 CACIB Planet Saver

No. 5: 🇹🇼 SocGen - Cote a Cote

Stats and Figures

With More than 525 teams, 21 participating CCIFIs participating from around the world in the CCIFI x SeaCleaners x Squadeasy challenge, we have collectively travelled 76,7620km sustainably.


The challenge aims to bring conviviality among the global network of CCFI Chambers, raise awareness of climate change and fundraise for: 

The Sea Cleaners which collects floating plastic waste before it sinks or breaks down into microplastic. ​​​​​​

Homeless Taiwan Association hopes to help build networks and enhance the understanding about poverty.

PACK Taiwan cares for 200 rescued, abused, unwanted, neglected, and aging dogs.

One Tree One Mountain is an an aboriginal grassroot initiative of  restoring forests in native Atayal villages. 

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