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Our Private Space is Available Now

Don't know how to get access to member's space? Follow these steps!

The CCIFT is happy to announce that your private space is available now!

For members, you can get exclusive information by signing to your member's account.

Premium access to information

If you are CCIFT's members, you are able to get exclusive access to new information: 

  • Access to the Chamber members exclusive events
  • Access to the personal account where you can update any information or connect with other members
  • Access to your company’s file where you can update any information to be published in the online directory

How to login to your member's account

  • If it is your first time logging in to the private space of the CCIFT website, please use your company's main contact email address and click on "Forgot your password".
  • You will then receive an email to set up your own password. 
  • If you do not know which email to use, please contact us at



The full text is for members only

CLICK HERE to login to your member's account.


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