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The Power of Practice : From Hair stylist to Culture Preserver

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On October 13th 15:00-16:00, we are pleased to invite Mr Wind Huang, the founder of One Tree One Mountain to our CSR webinar: The Power of Practice: From Hair stylist to Culture Preserver.

During the presentation, Wind will not only discuss his different projects to promote aboriginal culture in Taiwan, but also share his actions about protecting the environment.

The webinar will be in Chinese. For non-Chinese speakers, the English transcription could be provided if you wish to receive it.


10月13日下午3點至4點,我們很榮幸邀請到風格美學達人,同時也是一樹一山的創辦人--黃一峯先生進行這場線上講座 : 實踐的力量 : 從髮型設計師到文化保存者




About One Tree One Mountain 一樹一山

6 years ago,

Starting from an individual to tribal neighbors,

A thought crosses our mind

An action to change this world


In 2019,

The action was supported by many people,

From friends to organizations,

250 people volunteered to plant 450 Fringe trees during 3 days 2 nights


In 3 days,

Across 6 tribes and 6 elementary schools.

There are now 1420 Fringe trees in Jianshi, Hsinchu


In 10 years we will look forward to the blooming season of April,

May our every breath be blessed by Fringe trees


One-tree one-mountain, is the mission of a lifetime

Every time a tree is planted, our homeland will be protected.



2019年 3天2夜
250人自願參與 種下450顆的流蘇花

3天我們橫跨了 6個部落 6所小學

願這個世界每一口呼吸的氧氣 都有流蘇花的祝福~

一樹 一山
是一生使命 每種一棵樹,

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