[ONLINE TRAINING] Leading the Effective Salesforce by CCI France Myanmar


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Trainer Laetitia Wong This program will enable participants to have a clear understanding of the successful sales manager's responsibilities...

Leading the Effective Salesforce by CCI FRANCE-MYANMAR



Do you know that the skills required of a successful sales manager is very different from that of a successful salesperson?

This flagship program is unique as it focusses on developing sales leaders. It is not a standard sales training course for all sales personnel. Co-organised with The Aspirers Group Pte Ltd (Singapore), this program will enable participants to have a clear understanding of the successful sales manager's responsibilities and how to become more effective in their roles in this challenging competitive business environment of today.

Backed by 20 years of direct and leadership sales experience globally, the trainer will help participants learn through a blend of concepts, real-life scenarios, group discussions and exercises. The main objective being to help participants gain practical and actionable insights in the least amount of time. The trainer aims to keep the course simple to understand with minimal theory and maximum application which they can use to lead and support their sales teams immediately. Come invest in your leadership equity today by learning and interacting with other sales leaders in an intimate and supportive environment.

The joint organisers remain committed to supporting the growth of the Myanmar business community, even in this time of the pandemic outbreak. 


By the end of this training, course participants will be able to:

• Understand the roles and responsibilities of a sales manager
• Understand the principles of sales forecasting
• Recognise the importance of sales planning and how to develop one
• Discuss sales management, including how to evaluate and manage under-performance
• Implement effective group meetings that inspire and provides clear direction


Module 1 : A Strategic look at sales management

· Sales management - is it strategic or tactical?
· What are my CSF's? - Critical success factors
· SWOT and PESTLE analysis

Module 2 : Sales Forecasting

· Identify different forecasting methods
· Understand the 4-step process to create a sales forecast

Module 3 : Sales Planning

· Setting up your sales strategy
· Put together the main components of your sales plan
· Specify sales tactics to achieve strategy

Module 4 : Sales performance management

· The 3 step sales performance control plan
· Guidelines for proper sales performance evaluation
· Handling the underperforming sales team member

Module 5 : Motivating your sales team

· What motivates people?
· Creating a motivating environment for your team
· Understand the factors that combine and drive personal motivation

Module 6 : Running effective sales meetings

· Effective versus badly run sales meetings
· Planning your sales meeting sequence
· Successful sales meeting checklist
· Team huddle versus team meeting

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