Cross Chamber Women's Day Picnic

Yuanshan Natural Landscape Park, No. 33, Yumen St, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, 10491
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Price: Member Price: NTD 1000
Non-Member: NTD 1300

Full Refund: Noticed over 48 HRs before the event
50% Refund: Noticed between 48-24 Hrs before the event
No Refund: Noticed less than 24 HRs.


Event ended.

Celebrate Women's Day and the profound impact of females in ESG over a laidback afternoon in one of Taipei's hidden gems!

The Concept


Women's Day

Say goodbye to stress and hello to hassle-free indulgence. This 2024 Women's Day, we are elevating the celebration. As we come together to celebrate, we're not just remembering the big steps women have taken in supporting a healthier society; we're also shining a light on how important they are in building our communities, in both business and charities.  


Women in ESG!

  1. You're a woman looking for more tips in integrating ESG into your work! Look no further, we have welcomed Marie in Decathlon Taiwan's decabonization team, and Echo from our charity of chice, PACK Taiwan. 
  2. ReCommerce in Fashion is one of Europe's trendiest booming industry. We hope to highlight mindful shopping and upcycling during this event. Join the trend as we re-define value in our old objects.


Celebrate and Picnic!

This event is designed to be a stress-free zone, acknowledging the mental load women carry daily. Our hassle-free experience ensures you immerse yourself fully in the stories of inspiration, challenge, and achievement that define the essence of womanhood.


What to Expect

A day filled with activities and food and gifts to bring home!

✨Inspirational Female Leaders in ESG

✨Your Trash maybe someone else's Treasure

✨Picnic beverages & refreshments

✨Beauty giftset and an insulated water bottle!


Although we have ensured you a hassle-free afternoon, we recomend to bring sun protection and water to stay hydrated!


Supporting our Charity of Choice: PACK TAIWAN

As an advocate for our charities of choice, we are proudly supporting PACK TAIWAN, and their focused dedication in finding a forever home for the forgotten dogs.

We're also excited to have Echo Wang, the CEO of PACK Taiwan to share her personal stories and tips for people looking for inspirations to be more ESG-minded and creating impact as individuals. 

Learn more about the works of the charity PACK TAIWAN 

Transportation Guides

Our picnic is held in the Yuanshan Natural Landscape Park, also known as the "Previous Taipei Children's Amusement Park"  (舊兒童樂園)


  • For Public Transportation, you can alight at MRT Yuanshan Station, and walk along Yumen Street. Search: Yuanshan Natural Landscape Park.
  • For Private Vehicles, you may park your car just outside the main entrance. Search: 國雲停車.


The main entrance will appeared closed, but we promise you it's opened! 

Enter via the small gate on the side (VIEW BELOW FOR INSTRUCTIONS)


  • Registration is only complete after notifying us of the last five digits of your payment account.
  • Please note this is an outdoor event, in case of rain or other inconceivable circumstances, a rescheduled announcement would be made a day before the event.

Further Questions?

Contact Us:

Tammy CHU | pr@ccift.org.tw | 02-2721-7599 #26 

Flora KUO | membership@ccift.org.tw | 02-2721-7599 #32

Event Location

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