2023 World Cleanup Day: A Digital Cleanup

Price: This is a free event, please share your result by sending your result to Flora KUO at:


Event ended.

Share your results with us before 14 September!

How could you participate?

Digital Cleanup!

  1. Record your current storage spaces on your devices,  (Email inboxes, Cloud, Drive, PCs, laptops, phones, and tablets)
  2. Clear out unwanted and duplicated documents, files, photos and videos. 
  3. Share with us how many APPs/GBs/Emails/files you managed to clear out!
  4. Tips and best practices!

Computer and Drive   Emails and inboxes   Smartphone and Tablets


Physical Cleanup!

  1. In line with Let's Do It Taiwan, we are organizing a Cleanup on Thursday, 7 September in a senior community. 
  2. Some senior residents may experience behavioural changes such as hoarding where their living conditions become unsanitary. 
  3. The French Chamber Taiwan is working with Huashan Social Welfare Foundation in this clearout session!
  4. Contact us for more information!



World Cleanup Day has engaged more than 60 Million volunteers since 2018. Our goal of 5% of World population still needs to be reached.


In the digital world, similar to the environment, there is a huge amount of trash. Unnecessary emails, files, apps, duplicates of photos and videos are all digital waste. 


This digital trash creates digital pollution that continues to consume energy even when we have forgotten it. Digital trash sits in the backups on servers that provide us with cloud service and continue consuming electricity.

If we delete all unnecessary files, apps, photos and videos, we are not just saving a huge amount of CO2 but we are also extending the life of our gadgets, feel more balanced, and we take control over our lives, forge new digital habits, and we will be more efficient and satisfied. 

Sounds like a win-win!

Be cool – don’t feed global warming with digital trash! 

Cut down your CO2 share, join the Digital Cleanup Day

Join a physical cleanup for a clean planet.


Take a look at our achievement in 2021!


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