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2023 Meet the CEO #3 : Mr. Henry LIAO and Mr. Pascal THIEN-AH-KOON, Managing Partners, CPA and Attorney-at-law, ECOVIS in TAIWAN

Ecovis Taiwan, Taiwan

Event language(s)
English and Mandarin

Price: Free


Event ended.

Are you looking for insight and advice to grow your career?

Seize this unique coaching moment to discuss your goals & challenges with 

Mr. Henry LIAO and Mr. Pascal THIEN-AH-KOON, Managing Partners, CPA and Attorney-at-law, ECOVIS TAIWAN

This session can be conducted in English.

Application Information:

  1. Submit your application with a 5-minute introductory presentation by September 8th.
  2. 3 to 4 applicants would be informed on September 15th with meeting details.
  3. Please arrive at Ecovis Taiwan at your assigned time-slot on September 19th.

Please note: We welcome all students, entrepreneurs, SMEs and startups who are looking to grow their careers, business, and brand in the fields of accounting and law. Those looking for legal and auditing consultation should consult ECOVIS Taiwan directly. Pitching is strictly prohibited. 

Event Rundown:

  1. An opening by the French Chamber General Manager, Stéphane Peden.
  2. Introducing your current projects, plans, company/brand/product/service and topics of concerns to Henry and Pascal (Pitching is strictly prohibited)
  3. Exchange and Discussions.
  4. Fill-in event feedback form.

What is the Meet The CEO Program?

The MEET THE CEO program gives entrepreneurs and start-ups the chance to meet CEOs of big companies in Taiwan. This particular session also welcomes students and young professionals who are seeking career guidance in the field. The French Chamber Taiwan invites CEOs of leading companies to meet with representative of SMEs where industry trends, business strategies, marketing tips, goals and challenges could be discussed and exchanged. 


Goal For The Candidates

The selected individual or companies can meet professionals from a specific sector to get insights and advices to grow their business, to access customized coaching. You can discuss about projects, get customized advice, get professional feedback, access contacts or share your experience...

Goal For The CEO

The CEO can learn about new projects, share their experiences and help entrepreneurs to face challenges. It's also a good opportunity to improve the company's CSR & visibility.



You are a student, young professional, entrepreneur, a start-up or SME.

Register by filling in the application form and submit your slides in PDF format. 

For detailed information about the documents, please read through the following document.

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