Matthieu Rochette-SchneiderGreat China and South East General Manager of Cent Degrés

French architect and designer, Matthieu Rochette-Schneider is a pure product of the independent brand intelligence and design firm centdegrés, which he manages and develops in eight Asian subsidiaries since 2013. Matthieu started his career as an architect in 2009 in Centdegrés Paris. Since the very beginning of his career, Matthieu has been inspired by the culture surrounding him, the beauty of the city and its architecture, and of course by people. Matthieu's work has been nurtured by these elements since then.

With five agencies in Mainland China and with eight agency in total in the South East Asia Area, he supports many prestigious international clients throughout Asia. From China to Vietnam, via Indonesia, Hong Kong and Tapei, he approaches each visionary and ambitious cosmetic, fashion, and F&B project with a precise motto: "Innovate and create to grow local brands globally."

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