Cheng Wen-Tsan 鄭文燦Mayor of Taoyuan City

Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan is the first mayor of Taoyuan after its upgrade to a special municipality status in 2014 and has been elected to his second term since 2018. Cheng has demonstrated his passion for politics since he was serving as the vice president of NTU’s Student Association in 1990, when he and his peers launched the Wild Lily Student Movement that eventually enabled democracy to flourish in Taiwan.

Home to the nation’s largest international airport, Taoyuan is the gateway city to Taiwan. Cheng proposed the concept of “airport economics,” highlighting Taiwan’s advantageous sectors, such as aviation, logistics and warehousing, e-vehicle and component manufacturing, the green industry, IoT, and ICT. Cheng has been rated as a “five-star mayor” for four consecutive years by media in Taiwan, showing his outstanding ability in city governance.

Cheng also served as Minister of the Government Information Office, Executive Yuan, Spokesperson of Executive Yuan, and Deputy Secretary-General of the Straits Exchange Foundation.




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