Meet the CEO - Application form

Are you a start-up, SME or entrepreneur? *

To validate your application, you have to submit a short 5-min PowerPoint presentation designed to give a quick summary of your company (SLIDE 7 IS MANDATORY):

Slide 1: Cover page

Slide 2: The Business
- Turnover, Number of Employees, Date of Creation, Capital...
- Product/Service Description

Slide 3: The Market
- Statistical Market Research
- Environmental/Industry analysis: area experiencing population growth? Long-term employers in the area? Economically stable region? Seasonal variations? Size of the market? Recent trends in the market?

Slide 4: Your Customers
- Customer Demographics: Define your target customers and how they behave (you can include age, gender, social status, education, attitudes)
- Key Customers
- Customer Management: how you will maintain a good relationship with your customers?

Slide 5: SWOT Analysis
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

Slide 6: The Future
Examples: Vision, mission, goals/objectives

Slide 7: Your expectations about the Meet the CEO meeting (MANDATORY)
Examples: special projects to talk about, need for advice, mentoring, interests in the sector…

Slide 8 (optional): Extra information you want to share
Examples: Sales/Marketing process, Finances, etc…

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