People For Animal Care and Kindness (PACK)

Cares for 400 rescued, abused, unwanted, neglected, and aging animals. We collaborate with reputable organizations and the government in Taiwan as a key contributor in the reduction of animal suffering, to promote health and welfare of animals, to reduce the number of homeless and unwanted pets, encourage the public to care for and value domestic and wild animals, thus promoting Taiwan on the world stage for animal welfare. With a highly trained international team, we are now considered by the Taiwan government to be setting the bar in shelter animal care. 

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PACK is currently addressing one of the main problems in Taiwan regarding neglected dogs and cats, which is the legal and illegal breeding industry.

There are over 20,000 homeless animals in Taiwan as a direct by product of 700 puppy mills and illegal breeders who dump their rejects or spent breeding bitches.

These animals often end up in one of the 70 government or private shelters such as ours where euthanasia is outlawed. Many shelters built for 200 dogs now house up to 1000 or more animals. 

Sponsor Napawlean

CCIFT's Mascot

Napawleon is a great boy.

Fairly large (a little smaller than a German Shepherd), golden brown, very friendly, and extremely intelligent.

One of the first the pack did was to purchase a wheelchair so he could race around the yard.

The Pack has decided to give this beautiful boy a French name in honor of his first sponsor, the French Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan. Our General manager too, takes the lead with a monthly donation.


Would you help us and the pack taking care of this handsome boy?


CCIFT has the honor to be certified sponsor from The PACK Sanctuary

Would you help us to
take care of this cute boy?

Help Napawlean

We Need You

PACK Sanctuary is one of those that is now over capacity. Currently PACK desperately needs foster families willing to take cats or dogs in, short term (3-6 months), to help them acclimate to home life before sending them out for adoption. PACK takes great pride in connecting the right people and animals. By fostering an animal you are giving that animal a chance to live in a home, with a family, to adjust to a life with love. If you cannot foster, by giving regularly you are helping us sustain our programs and save more animals. 

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