Homeless Taiwan Association

Hidden Taipei

A public communication program run by Homeless Taiwan Association

Inspired by Unseen Tours in London, Hidden Taipei allows participants to see the city through the eyes of the homeless tour guides.

Hidden Taipei has also developed various activities such as the Living Library, Strive for Life (a live-action role-play street game), and the Lecture on the Street (Educational materials for teenagers to understand homelessness), all aiming to promote a deeper understanding of the homeless issue among the general public.

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About Homeless Taiwan

People with nowhere to go come to the streets, and Wanhua District, Taipei City, has the largest homeless population in Taiwan. Therefore, the Homeless Taiwan Association has been providing services to people experiencing homelessness in Wanhua since 2014. Every year, they help 30 to 50 people go from homeless to housed: The services, including the outreach social workers, regularly distribute necessities and reach out to rough sleepers; the shelter social workers match them with medical and employment resources and work with them to implement savings plans. The Hidden Taipei project organize events such as walking tours, lectures, and street games to empower the homeless with their voices, not only to break the stigma but also to restore their confidence and social connections.


In 2022, we opened the PonPon Shower House for people in need to refresh themselves after a long day; the Newbie Zone Vocational Training Center to provide vocational training programs. We will continue to support people experiencing homelessness to get back on their feet through innovative projects.


These programs require sustained resources to help more people in need and prevent them from falling into the abyss of hopelessness.

Featured News

Corporate social responsibility

A Night on the street |Fundraising Challenge

We are fundraising for the Homeless Taiwan Association, kicking off with volunteering at the PonPon Shower House and a Night out on the Streets!

Corporate social responsibility

Throw Back On Hidden Taipei Tour on April 24th

As part of our CSR commitment, the CCIFT participated to the tour "How to survive in the bustling Taipei Main Station" organized by Hidden Taipei. ...

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