Event report

Throwback to successful planting initiative with One Tree One Mountain

Over the first weekend of March, 88 volunteeres gathered in Jianshi Township of Hsinchu County, for a significant tree planting event.

We were glad to take part in another tree planting organized by our long-standing partner One Tree One Mountain 一樹一山. 

This event Joined by ID Logistics Taiwan, Cooperl Taiwan, and BMW TaTung, the group of volunteers successfully planted 200 trees, contributing to local reforestation efforts and demonstrating the effectiveness of community and corporate collaboration in environmental conservation.

The event organized by our charity of choice not only focused on planting trees but also emphasized the importance of ecological awareness and community involvement in sustainability practices. This initiative serves as an example of how joint efforts can lead to meaningful environmental improvements.

The participation of volunteers and friends from the French Chamber highlights the growing awareness of our environmental responsibility and the impact of collective action. 

This tree planting event in Jianshi Township represents a positive step towards environmental sustainability, showcasing the power of community collaboration in making a concrete difference for the planet. 

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