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Encounters with Homeless People - Rediscover One’s Value as a “Human”

On November 12th, we were pleased to invite Cyndi TSENG to share her touching experiences about how she found her life vocation along the way.

She is the founder of Hidden Taipei (街遊)a public communication program run by Homeless Taiwan Association 社團法人台灣芒草心慈善協會.

Wǎn guǒ (nickname), was one of the few female homeless. During the webinar, she also shared her own story to explain why was her life derailed, and how did she find her strength to get her life back on track.


There’s nothing wrong of being different 

Everyone has the emotion needs of being understood and being cared about. That makes one feel matters. It can also apply to the Homeless people.

Instead of being judgmental, everyone should step in other's shoes to understand the reasons behind the decisions of the homelessness.


A warm thank you to Cyndi for having the meaningful presentation!

For webinar replay, please CLICK HERE

For presentation ppt file, please CLICK HERE

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