Hidden Taipei Tour on April 24th from 10:00-12:00

"How to Survive in The Bustling Taipei Main Station". Following with the guide Jia to discover this bustling place like you never did!

Taipei Main Station, it’s the start of those southerners in pursuit of their dreams. 

People with hopes and dreams, lost and disappointments are gathering here.

Some made it while some are being left here, where their dreams end.



“Attention Please: We’re now arriving at Taipei Main Station. Passengers to Taipei please get off at this station.”


Jumping off the train to start a brand new chapter, these young people with hopes and dreams are looking for opportunities in this strange city.



The place consists of Prides and Disappointments


This is the first stop for those who are searching for opportunities in Taipei. The once prosperous rear station area was where recruitment agencies gathered. The traces of the times still can be observed while walking on the once gloried Huayin Street. It also became one of the major wholesale markets due to it’s good public transport network. 

Some people made it here while some don’t. Please walk with Jia to see how different religions embrace those lost souls. Well goes a saying “A wily hare has three burrows”,  Jia will also show you his hideouts and teach you all the tips to survive in this bustling place and find a way out.

Ignore those direction signs! Let Jia be your guide and show you how he finds a way out of this bustling city.


Tour Information


  • Check-in: 9:55, Apr. 24th
  • Duration: 10:00 - 12:00, Apr. 24th (90 mins tour + 30 mins Q&A)
  • Meeting point: Taipei Main Station Underground Mall Exit Y15 (Near Lane 21, Zhengzhou Rd.)




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