About Circular Taiwan Network


Circular Taiwan Network is a nonprofit organization that promotes the development of  circular economy in Taiwan.  Although Taiwan has developed many effective ways of utilizing its resources, Taiwan can still improve its circular economy model, turn its weaknesses into strengths, and play a leading role in a new era of sustainability.  

Since their establishment in 2015, they have been communicating, advocating, and facilitating coordination between all facets of society (government, industries, universities, research institutes, civil society organizations, and the media) to encourage the transformation of Taiwanese industries and society. Their vision is to make circular economy a part of daily life in Taiwan and to make Taiwan a leader in the global circular economy movement.


They are committed to:

  • Communications: Using books, magazines, videos, presentations, talks, classes, workshops, social media, traditional media, etc. to stimulate new thinking and encourage transformation.

  •  Advocacy: Work with government, legislators and think tanks to explore new ideas, redesign policies, and solidify a better legislative environment for the promotion of a circular economy.

  •  Network: Link government, industries, universities, institutes, civil society organizations, media and international organizations through the “Copartners Circular Partner Platform” to encourage further advancement and collaboration. 


Circular Taiwan Network become an important platform for youth, enterprises and governments to find industrial development policies and implement business models.      It is hoped that through sharing life-based examples and people own experience, everyone can learn about the changes that circular economy can bring to the society.  The organization does not accept government funding and is proud of being an independent and objective organization. All the funding come from the people involved in the association. They also do not believe that they are alone on this journey towards sustainability.  Will you join them?

By supporting Circular Taiwan Network CCIFT wants to encourage Taiwan's circular economy and sustainability. We would like our community of members to work with Circular Taiwan Network and helping them to implement their actions.  

Companies CSR involvement and willingness to change practices are  key  elements to move forward.   Therefore, no one can do it alone. By cooperating with positive thinking and  combining common values between the enterprise and the society; it is  believes that we can create a better life & altogether good concept. 
CCIFT together with the French Office of Taiwan and The French tech are very excited to be part of Circular Taiwan Network journey. We hope to be able to federate companies and organization to follow their step toward circular economy. We Hope Taiwan can become a Pilot location for foreign companies to test their products, concepts and services related to circular economy.


If you have any question feel free to visit Circular Taiwan Network websites or contact Tammy CHU at pr(@)ccift.org.tw

New book (for any purchase, please contact):

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Circular Economy ── A Model to Transform Marine Debris to Resource

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