CLUB MED - Part 3

CCIFT Investigation - CLUB MED Part 3

In this third video dedicated to CLUB MED, learn more about the company with Trista LIU, the Marketing Manager.

CLUB MED is a global well-known all-inclusive vacations packages provider.

In this third and last part of ‘CCIFT Investigation’ dedicated to CLUB MED, you will learn more about the company values and job opportunities with Trista LIU, the Marketing Manager. 

(English subtitles are available on the video)


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Rita: To reward the great support from our members, we’re glad to launch the new theme topic for introducing outstanding chamber member company to more audience and posting it on CCIFT website. It will help to promote their brand and get to know their local market development plan as well as their company culture and recruiting plan in Taiwan. We are pleased that Trista, the marketing manager of Club Med will give us detailed information for all the previous questions mentioned.

Trista: The Club was started in 1950 by Belgian entrepreneur Gérard Blitz, he was also a water polo player. He has passion for creating more outdoor activities to enrich a greater dimension for Club Med product line and that is why we represent a various image compared to other vacation package provider.

Rita: Besides these attractive tour packages, more people are also curious about the company culture, core value, job opportunities and employee training and development plan of Club Med globally and locally. Would you like to share more information with us with more detail information and what attract you to work for Club Med?

Trista: First of all I would like to address the five core values of Club Med. They are Multicultural, pioneer, kindness, freedom, and responsibility. Each of these values that the G.Os (Gentil Organisateur) and G.Es (Gentil Employé) uphold is at the heart of all actions that the Group chooses to implement to create the upscale, convivial and multicultural Club Med. Through our resorts sites our G.Os are from over 100 countries and each site accommodates around twenty G.Os. That is the values so called “multicultural” here.

The second value of Club Med is “Pioneer” We are the first and only one resort offers All-inclusive package to let customers enjoy the freedom of choice during their holiday. Furthermore in 1967 we were also the pioneer of Kids Club, which allows different family members to enjoy their own vacation.

The third one is “kindness”, our guests all feel at home and the GOs are like the friendly host of the house to provide them with great hospitality when they spend their vacation at our resort sites.

The fourth value is “freedom” which is we not just help our guests to relax during their vacation but also they would have the freedom of choice by our all-inclusive package to choose the activity they are interested in.

The last value is “responsibility” Club Med cares about our guests and takes their greatest satisfaction as our responsibility. Moreover Club Med tries to keep a friendly role to the environment as our goal and responsibility as well. Located on the private, protected Indian Ocean Island of Gasfinolhu, Finolhu Villlas by Club Med offer an exclusive eco-chic paradise for guests. Surrounded by crystal clear waters and white sand beaches, the 52 Villas have been built to the highest ecological standards, including the resort being entirely powered by solar energy with its 4,000 solar panels. To achieve that, our designers created a unique blend of refinement, exclusivity and eco-friendly design.

Rita: Indeed, for your detailed introduction about Club Med we got a good understanding that Club Med is not just a tour provider offers us wonderful travel experience but also it is a beneficial enterprise to be environmental. Furthermore Club Med attracts the middle social class attention in Taiwan but also more young Taiwanese talents are interested in working for Club Med. Therefore they are curious about local recruiting plan and employee training development program within the industry. Would you share more information with us?

Trista: Our employee training program is very well developed within our organization over different countries. For the first year new comers will have their fundamental training program to equip the basic skills and afterwards we have Key GO program for three to five years. Key GO program divided into two categories, one is regional GO and the other one is Global GO. Initially your team leader or supervisor needs to nominate you as the candidates for participating in this program and for the same year all the nominees will be in the same class and coached by the same instructors. On the average these participants will meet once or twice for the whole year to share work experience, expand the network with each other and get more training about leadership skill by the instructors. As for Taiwan local job opportunities, currently Club Med would be glad to recruit more GOs in Taiwan and up to this year we already have 150 GOs from Taiwan. They all work in different resort sites over the world. 

Also we are having a recruiting program cooperated with National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST) some of their students who joined the program will be the priority candidates to join Club Med GOs interviews and get hired. 

Rita: To be a qualified GO, what are the requirements we need to be aware?

Trista: Many people are curious if there is any limitation for being the GO in Club Med? Actually not, the most important trait we care about is the personality of the applicants.

Rita: And do they need to equip language skills?

Trista: On the average each resort site accommodates 20 GOs with different nationalities and guest from different countries. However the international official language English is still the basic requirement for the GO. Of course additional techniques will be also considered such as bartender, sportsman. Other outdoor or indoor activity skills to entertain or deliver to our guests will be a big plus to be recruited too.

Moreover many of our GOs discover their own potentiality when they work at the resorts and that also create more possibilities to experience different tasks.

Rita: We really appreciate Trista’s detail and useful information sharing today to help everyone know more about Club Med. Later we are going to interview several internal employees. They will share more about Club Med. Don’t miss the videos.

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