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CCIFT x PACK Volunteer Day, It's a PURfect Match!

On our CCIFT x PACK Volunteer Day, we welcomed volunteers from Anti-Additive Clean Label Organization, BNP Paribas, and Societe Generale

During the tour, we learned the challenges of PACK combatting the general stereotypes towards animal shelters and helped out with the dogs' friendliness assessments and their obedience training.

PACK Taiwan cares for 250 rescued, abused, unwanted, neglected, and aging dogs in Sanzhi, northern Taiwan and have devised a 4-stage system, the PACK Academy, preparing dogs from health and nutrition to behavior training and eventually adoption.

Love at First sight?

Many of us are aware of “adopting instead of buying” pets. What usually might be the case, is that you visit the shelter, find a dog that you think you might have connections with, and then bring them home. But, what’s the usual love-at-first-sight success rates?

PACK Taiwan takes this process a few steps further

  1. The first step is to assess whether the dogs are accepting of and willing to follow humans as many of the dogs hadn’t been in regular contract with people prior joining PACK.
  2. Once they’ve passed the friendliness assessments, they would learn to take orders during obedience training.
  3. The third stage is crutial to preparing the dogs for adoption—Foster Home Internships. In 2-3 weeks, the dogs would stay with a household, where their behaviors in a domestic setting and interaction with human would be closely monitored and documented.

Once the dogs have passed all three stages, PACK takes into account the lifestyle and characteristcs of the potential owner to make sure that IT’S a PURR-FECT MATCH!

As the dogs are aquainted with PACK staff members, it’s difficult to observe how the dogs would interact with unfamiliar faces, and that’s where the volunteers come in. PACK trained volunteers to assess whether the dogs would respond to calls, approach humans, and feel comfortable with leashing.


We hope the best for the dogs in training to find their purr-fect humans and all the appreciations to all the work PACK is doing and thank you to Larry, Brian and 維尼 for having us!

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