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Taipei City Public Announcement

According to data analysis on 7/12, the 7 hospitals (Taipei City Hospital Zhongxing, Renai, Heping, Yangming, Zhongxiao Branches; Guandu Hospital, Wanfang Hospital) conducted 1,595 PCR tests, of which 1 was positive. There is only one new confirmed case added from the lately PCR testing statistics, which can show that the overall number of confirmed cases in Taipei City has significantly declined. Still, Taipei city continues to work hard to implement the Epidemic Elimination Plan as much as possible. In addition, Huannan Market will be carrying out its third round of mass PCR testing this week. Nevertheless, household infections pose a great challenge to us. Taking the case of household infections in Huannn Market Market as an example, household infection is one of the main ways of infection in the city. To avoid household infection, Taipei City urges citizens to dine separately and stagger the dining times at home as far as possible.

Taipei City announces new guidelines on easing restrictions for sports venues, exhibition venues, temples & churches, department stores, megastores, supermarkets, and restaurants and food courts within.
Sports venues re-open 6 city government-owned venues, 12 District Sports Centers, 48 Riverside Park Sports Venues. However, pavilions and exercise equipment in parks will remain temporarily suspended and private gyms need to follow CECC epidemic prevention guidelines; outdoors and indoors exhibition venues will be required to follow the entry regulations and venue disinfection and epidemic prevention management measures. Nevertheless, there is a no dining-in, only take-out policy in department stores, megastores, supermarkets, and restaurants, and food courts within, and we will also implement crowd control by the last digit of the ID number, which strictly enforced on weekends. Any temple or religious legal entities already registered in Taipei are eligible to apply for reopening, as long as draft an epidemic prevention plan and have it approved by competent authorities.

Additionally, Taipei City will be launching a large vaccination station at Flora Expo (Expo Dome). It is able to hold around a maximum of 18,800 people per day for vaccination. Please the citizens who made the appointment to arrive at the site punctually to avoid the cluster infection and take public transportation as much as possible.

This week, between 7/4-7/10, Taipei City has had 40 confirmed cases so far. The current number of people in home isolation, as of 7/8 10 AM, is 1043 people.


Vaccination appointments were available to citizens aged 65+ years over the past two days, 7/8-7/9. 114,373 people have already scheduled appointments and vaccinations will be carried out between 7/11 and 7/15 as planned.


Taipei City’s free PCR testing program has also begun and can be accessed at 7 hospitals: Taipei City Hospital Heping Branch, Zhongxing Branch, Renai Branch, Yangming Branch, Zhongxiao Branch, Guandu Branch, and Wanfang Hospital. So far, 7 confirmed cases have been found, which indicates that there are still hidden cases in the community, but is also allowing us to find and cut off infection early on. We greatly appreciate the cooperation of our citizens in helping Taipei City fight against the epidemic.


Additionally, Taipei City has established some new guidelines in accordance with the CDC’s announcement on the extension of level 3 alert to 7/26 and easing of restrictions. Food courts and restaurants in malls, markets, and night markets are still restricted to take-out only; dining-in remains suspended. Movie theaters may re-open with restricted capacities and prohibitions on food and drink consumptions; all personnel and audience members must wear masks at all times. School campuses, school sports facilities, and social education halls are to remained closed. Libraries are to suspend regular access and services and instead implement reservation-based lending and returning systems or offer digital books. Sports venues will also have restricted re-opening: only low-to-medium intensity, non-contact sports are permitted; non-sports facilities are to remain closed; and venues must abide by capacity restrictions.

Between 6/21-6/24, Taipei City conducted 4,933 rapid tests, from which 15 were positive (0.30% positive rate). In this timeframe, there were also 4 positive PCR tests.


The Department of Health has also announced that clinics are to allocate each vial of vaccine to ten people and are authorized to administer residual doses from appointment no-shows to persons in Priority Groups 1-7 to avoid wastage.


Additionally, as detailed in the 6/24 contact tracing briefing, although Case 13573 had received the first dose of AZ vaccine on 5/24, Case 13573 still developed symptoms on 6/8 and was admitted to the Taiwan Adventist Hospital for treatment on 6/16. This shows a possible risk of infection within 14 days of the administration of the vaccine, when antibodies may have not yet been produced by the body. Even with the rapid mass vaccination program, Taipei City urges citizens to remain vigilant and to continue to take precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

Last week, between 6/13-6/19, Taipei City had 231 confirmed cases. On 6/21, the average positive rate between Taipei City’s 3 rapid test sites - Zhongxing Hospital, Bopiliao Historical Block, and Heping Hospital - was 1.0%. The current number of people in home isolation, as of 6/21 10 AM, is 1595 people.


This week, Taipei City is continuing to expand vaccination eligibility to more groups. Vaccination appointments are now open at 21 hospitals for pregnant women, including specialized clinic services at eight medical centers. Moreover, pregnant women have the option to choose between receiving the AZ vaccine or Moderna vaccine.


Vaccination appointments are also opening up for Taipei City wholesale market personnel, persons who have received first dose of AZ vaccine 10 or more weeks ago needing second dose, homeless persons, neighborhood chief, and foreigners aged 75+ years. The online registration system is currently closed but will be available for appointment booking starting 6/23 morning (

This week, between 6/13-6/19, Taipei City has had 32 confirmed cases. On 6/16, the average positive rate between Taipei City’s 3 rapid test sites - Zhongxing Hospital, Bopiliao Historical Block, and Heping Hospital - was 0.9%. The current number of people in home isolation, as of 6/16 10 AM, is 1917 people.

Additionally, as of 2 PM on 6/17, 25012 people in the current eligible groups, elderly aged 80+ years and indigenous persons aged 65+ years, have already registered for vaccination appointment. Appointments are open from 8 AM to 8 PM on 6/17 and 6/18. Elderly whose households are not registered in Taipei City but are living in Taipei City may also use the Taipei City online vaccination appointment system. In fact, we encourage all citizens to receive vaccinations in their city of residence rather than travel across cities.

Taipei City is also taking things one step further to expedite the elimination of the epidemic. First, to avoid household transmission and prevent further spread, all confirmed patients will be asked to stay at quarantine hotels. Second, Taipei City will be expanding the scope of COVID testing to not only identified contacted persons, but also other high-risk persons with contact history, with all expenses covered by Taipei City. We hope everyone can cooperate with our measures so that we can stop the spread as soon as possible.

Since the announcement of level 3 alert on 5/15, Taipei City has been working tirelessly to contain the COVID outbreak. We are extremely grateful for the resilience and cooperation of our citizens, which has allowed Taipei to get the epidemic under control within a month without needing a police or military-enforced lockdown. Our efforts are sure to be seen by the rest of the world and can undoubtedly serve as an example for other cities that are also fighting against the pandemic.

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