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This year, the CCIFT is glad to invite CentDegrés, our new member to design the flyer of our 30th anniversary Gala Dinner- Festival of Lights


About CentDegrés

Cent Degrés believes in bold creativity.

For thirty years, they have focused all the energies on helping the clients win their battles, improve their impact, and challenge the status quo.

Through design, they hunt down the best conditions for your projects in order to create unique personalized design and make a new kind of impact.

Anything that will only achieve a partial result is a waste of time. They live by the certainty that there is no such thing as “hype”, freedom and creativity are crucial aspects of our approach.

They have continuously created exceptional experiences, brands, products and places reinforced by their company ecosystem, not constrained by it.

They break down geographic borders. Their strong international ecosystem gives their a first-hand expertise of local and foreign markets.

CentDegrés collectively demonstrates a deep knowledge of the global nature of a project. They give to all our clients a decentralized approach, where they take the best of each country to effectively answer their needs. Their approach relies on our diverse roots and broad expertise, along with the ability to discuss, learn, upskill, influence, facilitate, empower, unite and connect.

CentDegrés are human powered. Because they simply care, they collectively share the ambition to do better every day. Behind the appellation centdegrés stands more than one hundred talented and hardworking people.

Their success as a group is anchored in common values, qualities, and work ethic. Together, they have created a warm and grounded environment with collaboration, inclusivity and creativity at its heart. Together, they are creative activists since 1988.

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