The Sherwood Taipei - Moon Cake Promotion

Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the traditional holidays in Taiwan. The Sherwood Taipei present the handmade moon cakes for you to celebrate with family and friends. Our best-selling product, the Yi Yuan Classic Moon Cake Box. The Moon Cake Box presents 1970's famous painting "Soft Contrast'' by French artist Alexis Kreyder is another perfect choice for those who enjoy moon cakes without a sweet tooth.

????西華經典月餅禮盒 1,388元(六入)

The information as follows:
A box contains 6 mooncake NT$1,388
Including 1x  XO Sauce Mooncake with Double Yolks, 1x Lotus Paste Mooncake with Double Yolks , 2x Wine Stuffed Longan Paste Mooncakes, 2x Matcha and Chestnuts Paste Mooncakes.

Order Period:2020.08.17-09.30
Take out Period:2020.08.24-09.30

Early Bird Promotion:
10% discount for pre-paid order of Mooncake box before 20th September, 2020.
11-50 Mooncake box get 10% discount
51-100 Mooncake box get 12% discount
more than 101 Mooncake box get 15% discount

Preservative-free. Refrigerate after opening. Best consumed within 15 days of opening.

For more details please contact : Sales Nan Yang 0963-050-881 to order.


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