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Spring Room Packages - Fireflies vs Equestrain Tour

Urban Vacation with Secret Tours, Regent Taipei Releases Private Attractions

Dancing Fireflies on a Star-Studded Stage VS Watching the Sunset on a Horseback, Creating an Exclusive Vacation Experience


With spring blooming, travelers are seeking an outdoor adventure. Regent Taipei now offers private tourist attraction itineraries with two spring room packages with the grand view of the mountains and sea – Firefly Spring Festive Journey and Spring Equestrian Journey. Both room package deals are available from now until the end of May at a starting price of NTD $2,990 per person per night. Inviting travelers to join the adventure and explore the wonders of Taipei’s suburbs combined with five-star accommodation and activities. Both room packages are now available for booking through Regent Taipei’s official webpage. For more information, please check our official webpage ( or make an inquiry to Reservation Team on 02-2523-8000.


Firefly Spring Festive Journey is a family-friendly educational trip jointly created by Regent Taipei and Zhun Leisure Farm. This package offers a three-day two-night and two-day and one-night accommodation option with a starting price from NTD $2,990 per person per night. Enjoy five-star accommodation and cruise-style resort facilities, and a Firefly Ecology Tour arranged by ecology experts, and a gourmet semi-buffet dinner at Garden Villa, our banquet venue with lush greenery. Zhun Leisure Farm has an exceptional three thousand pings greenfield, and they have been committed to the restoration of fireflies. The farm has an estimated number of 200,000 shining fireflies. Beautiful scenery with an all-inclusive cruise-style vacation making an urban vacation filled with entertainment and knowledge. 


Regent Taipei has launched Spring Equestrian Journey for adults that seek a spring outing where Regent Taipei has collaborated with Luye Equestrian Center to combine a romantic coastal equestrian experience with luxurious hotel accommodations and catering. Starting at NTD $4,900 per person per night, a couple’s itinerary is also available. Luye Equestrian Center, located next to Tamshui’s Shalun Beach, is part of the Chinese Taipei Equestrian Association, which is the only equestrian promotion center in Taiwan that provides beach and field horse riding experience. At dusk, the sun reflects on the grand sea surface as the glistening golden sunset scenery has been highly praised as one of the eight scenic spots in Taiwan. With this package, guests are offered to drive the BMW RV, provided by Regent Taipei, to the serene environment, and will have a dedicated guide available for park tours and horse rides on the beach. Enjoy the sea breeze and romantic sunset and leave with unforgettable memories.



For Reservations, please contact ­­­­­­­­­­2523-8000 (ext. Reservation Team)

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Silks Group Introduction:

Founded in 1990, Silks Hotel Group (the former FIH Regent Group) is one of the top Asia-based hotel management companies as well as the largest and most profitable hotel group listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. The Group currently owns and operates the international luxury hotel complex Regent Taipei, which includes Taiwan’s largest hotel inbuilt shopping center Regent Galleria providing a collection of luxury brand shops, the lifestyle hotel brand Silks Place and the affordable stylish hotel chain Just Sleep. In addition to hotel business, Silks Hotel Group also expands its footprint to Food and Beverage and Fast-Food industry by operating restaurants in National Palace Museum and other renowned attractions and acquiring the ownership of Domino’s Pizza to become the largest pizza chain owner in Taiwan.


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