Covid-19 : Clarins Taiwan Communique Solidarity action

Covid-19 : Clarins Taiwan Communique Solidarity action


Thank you for protecting us. It’s time for Clarins Taiwan to take care of you.

Clarins Taiwan prepared more that 1,100 caring sets for the heroic healthcare professionals, showing our gratitude and also demonstrating positive energy during the unprecedented time.

Clarins, a company that commit to realizing responsible beauty, in the face of an unprecedented health crisis, it’s time for us to dedicate our cooperate social responsible.

In Taiwan, the battle has been started in Jan., and then, soon it became global war. During the tough period, the frontline healthcare professionals demonstrated unparalleled courage. Uncountable hand washing damaged their hand skin, meanwhile, long-time masks wearing also caused dry facial skin. As a result, Clarins Taiwan prepared our classic hand cream and SOS fresh masks to conform them.

Our employees (including office team and beauty advisors) quickly teamed up as a “Caring Volunteer Group”, sacrificing their holidays and packaging every sets by their own. One volunteer shared, “it’s a great opportunity that I can contribute during these exceptional circumstances, truly do something for the society.”

Sincerely thank you to the healthcare professionals and everyone fight for the virus war. Thank you to our employees that truly brought out Clarins spirit and value. We hope, in this way, to be able to contribute to the extraordinary collective effort we are witnessing today, and tomorrow.

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