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2021 Live Action Crisis Drill

Member only

Deadline for registration:
Thursday 10 June 2021 - 12:00 Am

USD$ 695 (NTD 19,450) per participant.
First come- First Serve
No refunds after registering
Please note that the event is only for member. 

Please login... Please login to register. *please note that booking the event in your calendar does NOT mean that you are registered. You need to register first if you want to attend an event.


Are you ready for the NEXT CRISIS?


Most executives underestimate the challenges of a crisis and overestimate their ability to respond effectively.

“This is a formula for disaster.”


If you have doubts about your company’s crisis preparedness, please rate your organization by taking the self-assessment.

If your result is highlighting a weakness, we invite you to join the online Live-Action Crisis Drill event.


By special arrangement with The MindTrust Partnership, the CCIFT presents A Live Action Crisis Drill:

► An investment in preparedness and prevention to raise awareness regarding the challenges of a crisis and spark a commitment to developing a High Performing Crisis Team.

  • Collaborative group of veteran consultants serving customers worldwide
  • Experts in Crisis Preparedness and Response
  • Unique executive learning event
  • First Step to understanding the nature of a Crisis
  • To acquire basics skills and attitudes needed for an effective response
  • Preparing for uncertain futures
  • Empowerment to respond to challenges with resilience and leadership


During the event, you can get access to:

  • Virtual Zoom environment
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Randomly assigned roles of different Stakeholder Groups
  • Crisis Response Team, facing a series of high- impact escalations
  • Briefing Sessions, Action Planning and Message Development exercises, Case Studies, and Q & A sessions


Who should attend this event?

► Anyone who would be a part of a Crisis Response Team: CEOs, General Managers, HR, Sales, Marketing, Legal, Financial Officers, Operations, Logistics, even Executive Secretaries!

► Please note that the event is only for member


Registration and payment

Price: USD 695 (TWD19,450) per participant

► To register, please contact us at : director@ccift.org.tw or login to make your registration. The invoice will be sent to you after registration.

► The payments must be received by June 10th and executed by wire transfer to CCIFT. Be sure to include the remitter’s company name with payment, to verify identity. 

► If a registered participant is not available on the date, a substitute person can be allowed to take his or her place. Unfortunately, there can be no refunds after registering.This is necessary to ensure we will have 30 participants in the simulation. Registration will be closed once 30 participants have registered.


CLICK HERE for more information and FAQ.



The team well-known experts in:

  • Crisis Response
  • Organizational Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Management Consulting

A unique team of business experts is committed to bringing you a world-class learning experience that will give you a deep understanding of the nature of crises, the keys to preparation, and the mindsets that can ensure an effective response to protect your reputation and other business assets.




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